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CenterID: 2665
Pla Mor Lanes
2505 Davie Ave
StatesvilleNC 28677-9249

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Spates, SuzannePla Mor Tuesday Classic13
Sells, BoPla Mor Tuesday Classic12
Gaither, CadeSaturday Morning Youth11
Lassiter, RobertSaturday Morning Youth11
Pittman, RobinWednesday AM Ladies 2021-2211
Wilson, JenniferPla Mor Tuesday Classic11
Rogers, SueWednesday AM Ladies 2021-2210
Sova, KimThursday Trios Fall 202110
Terry, AustinSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-202210
Williams, HopeSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-202210
Farley, KyleWednesday Night Mixed 2021-229
Barnes, FrankThursday Trios Fall 20219
Beeson, CharleneThursday Trios Fall 20219
Bell, TerryPla Mor Tuesday Classic9
Dagenhart, JeanWednesday AM Ladies 2021-229
Hamby, GavinSaturday Morning Youth9
Hawley, PatPla Mor Tuesday Classic9
Martin, JackSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20229
Morgan, DarrellWednesday Night Mixed 2021-229
Nellis, DonnieSwingin' Seniors 2021-229
Osborne, JimSwingin' Seniors 2021-229
Reid, AlexThursday Trios Fall 20219
Williams, DarrenThursday Trios Fall 20219
Crane, MatthewThursday Trios Fall 20218
Daniels, JohnWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Fonseca, EdwardWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Fonseca, EddiePla Mor Tuesday Classic8
Farley, NickWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Hassler, ViThursday Trios Fall 20218
Hill, SteveSwingin' Seniors 2021-228
Moose, TracyWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Rogers, LoganThursday Trios Fall 20218
Stull, DonnaWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Summers, BryanWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Summers, KelsiWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Summers, PattySwingin' Seniors 2021-228
Taillon, MattPla Mor Tuesday Classic8
Triplett, CathiePla Mor Tuesday Classic8
Whitley, TimothySaturday Morning Youth8
Williams, JeffreyPla Mor Tuesday Classic8
Williard, DorisSwingin' Seniors 2021-228
Wright, RichardWednesday Night Mixed 2021-228
Drum, JoannWednesday AM Ladies 2021-227
Carman, BobWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Bell, RexSwingin' Seniors 2021-227
Fox, MargaretWednesday AM Ladies 2021-227
Morgan, ScottWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Nesbit, EdPla Mor Tuesday Classic7
Plott, BrianWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Plott, RickyThursday Trios Fall 20217
Rickert, JimmyWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Sharpe, KevinPla Mor Tuesday Classic7
Simon, SteveWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Swanson, DarrelWednesday Night Mixed 2021-227
Tucker, HaroldPla Mor Tuesday Classic7
Ward, ColtonSaturday Morning Youth7
Wildermuth, StanSwingin' Seniors 2021-227
Bell, JudySwingin' Seniors 2021-226
Beeson, RichardPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Bennett, BettyWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Bennett, BettySwingin' Seniors 2021-226
Bissett, ThomasWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Brown, PamSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Avery, JJSaturday Morning Youth6
Allen, BubbyWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Bass, TonyPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Bass, MaryWednesday AM Ladies 2021-226
Beckham, RaidenSaturday Morning Youth6
Carman, JanWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Carpenter, JamesSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Catoe, ChrisPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Burton, StevePla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Davila, TristanSaturday Morning Youth6
Dipple, MarkSwingin' Seniors 2021-226
Duncan, KennethThursday Trios Fall 20216
Duncan, BrodySaturday Morning Youth6
Estes, KirstenThursday Trios Fall 20216
Ferguson, RobertThursday Trios Fall 20216
Ferguson, DonnaThursday Trios Fall 20216
Forcier, AlThursday Trios Fall 20216
Haithcox, DavidWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Hosler, ChrisPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Houston, JasonThursday Trios Fall 20216
Huffman, RichardPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Huffman, WilliamSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Ijames, BradPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Jeffrey, DanPla Mor Tuesday Classic6
Josey, EliSaturday Morning Youth6
Little, KarenWednesday AM Ladies 2021-226
Mahaffey, GarrettSaturday Morning Youth6
Metsch, AngelWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Minder, KateSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Palmer, LCSwingin' Seniors 2021-226
Punch, SteveSaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Schmidt, MaddoxSaturday Morning Youth6
Sharpe, KevinThursday Trios Fall 20216
Smith, PatThursday Trios Fall 20216
Streeter, StacySaturday Afternoon Mixed 2021-20226
Summers, GraceWednesday Night Mixed 2021-226
Swanson, DarrelSwingin' Seniors 2021-226