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CenterID: 12129
Pike Street Lanes
2605 Pike Street
ParkersburgWV 26101
(304) 485-6000

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Morton, JimWed Sr summer No Tap22
Lyons, DanThursday Ball League11
Bell, BettyWed Sr summer No Tap11
Clegg, SueWed Sr summer No Tap10
Kidder, DebbieKegel Doubles10
Lyons, AndrewThursday Ball League10
Smith, JoshuaThursday Ball League10
West, NickMonday Summer Doubles10
McIntosh, RogerFriday Summer Trio9
Parsons, LyleMonday Summer Doubles9
Hill, RalphWed Sr summer No Tap9
Kidder, JamesKegel Doubles9
Breitmeier, EricMonday Summer Doubles9
Watson, CarolynWed Sr summer No Tap9
Bowen, RonFriday Summer Trio8
Boston, LeonardWed Sr summer No Tap8
Bosley, NickMonday Summer Doubles8
Knotts, EthanThursday Ball League8
Hornbeck, JerriWed Sr summer No Tap8
Hess, JackWed Sr summer No Tap8
Minor, JakeWed Sr summer No Tap8
Loscar, MasonThursday Ball League8
Lyons, LarryWed Sr summer No Tap8
Webb, EarlWed Sr summer No Tap8
Lyons, LarryFriday Summer Trio7
Flanagan, KyleThursday Ball League7
Erb, TheresaMonday Summer Doubles7
Abbott, MichelleMonday Summer Doubles7
Abbott, JeremyMonday Summer Doubles7
Bowen, RonWed Sr summer No Tap7
Cain, MikeThursday Ball League7
Currey, CoreyMonday Summer Doubles7
Dean, LauraWed Sr summer No Tap7
Webb, EarlFriday Summer Trio7
Ball, MikeWed Sr summer No Tap6
Eddy, ScottThursday Ball League6
Hunt, ShirleyWed Sr summer No Tap6
Morrison, HunterMonday Summer Doubles6
Lockhart, RickKegel Doubles6
Lude, LouiseWed Sr summer No Tap6
Mace, WoodyWed Sr summer No Tap6
Samples, TimFriday Summer Trio6
Smith, JoshKegel Doubles6
Smith, TaylorThursday Ball League6
Wagner, CoreyThursday Ball League6
Weaver, AliceMonday Summer Doubles6
Whipkey, LesaMonday Summer Doubles6
Lyons, MicaylaThursday Ball League5
Lyons, LarryThursday Ball League5
McCloy, LarryWed Sr summer No Tap5
Lanham, ChristinaThursday Ball League5
Knotts, RebeccaThursday Ball League5
Little, BillWed Sr summer No Tap5
Hoover, J DKegel Doubles5
Galloway, AnnaWed Sr summer No Tap5
Eddy, AaronThursday Ball League5
Davis, DiannaFriday Summer Trio5
Carr, JanisFriday Summer Trio5
Piggott, AndyMonday Summer Doubles5
Smith, DCThursday Ball League5
Smith, JoanFriday Summer Trio5
Spencer, RossMonday Summer Doubles5
Talbott, MikeKegel Doubles5
Brodie, DianeWed Sr summer No Tap4
Carr, GaryFriday Summer Trio4
Downey, LarryWed Sr summer No Tap4
Eddy, PaulThursday Ball League4
Dzerzanski, DanFriday Summer Trio4
Friend, NikolaiThursday Ball League4
Farish, OwenKegel Doubles4
Hess, JackFriday Summer Trio4
Hall, FrancineWed Sr summer No Tap4
Kerns, JeffMonday Summer Doubles4
Parker-Reed, AngelaThursday Ball League4
Newton, JeffFriday Summer Trio4
Morrison, BillMonday Summer Doubles4
Patterson, DanKegel Doubles4
Mace, MarkMonday Summer Doubles4
Lucas, MikeWed Sr summer No Tap4
Little, JohnWed Sr summer No Tap4
Seaman, SharonFriday Summer Trio4
Sellers, BobFriday Summer Trio4
Smith, DonFriday Summer Trio4
Zoller, JimFriday Summer Trio4
Lyons, Fu LingWed Sr summer No Tap3
Little, MonaWed Sr summer No Tap3
Layman, BrooksFriday Summer Trio3
King, AceWed Sr summer No Tap3
Javins, TylerKegel Doubles3
Eddy, JillianMonday Summer Doubles3
Fitcher, BradyKegel Doubles3
Dzierzanski, DannyThursday Ball League3
Drain, RuthWed Sr summer No Tap3
Ellison, RuthWed Sr summer No Tap3
Curtis, CarlWed Sr summer No Tap3
Currey, CoreyKegel Doubles3
Dillon, KylieThursday Ball League3
Delaney, DaveWed Sr summer No Tap3
Chapman, AnnFriday Summer Trio3
Bock, NevaWed Sr summer No Tap3