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CenterID: 12129
Pike Street Lanes
2605 Pike Street
ParkersburgWV 26101
(304) 482-0318

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Adams, TerryWednesday Seniors 22-2333
Perkins, BillFriday Sr No Tap 22-2333
Lucas, MikeFriday Sr No Tap 22-2332
Taylor, ChipHoliday Inn Express 22-2330
Best, IsiahaSoftball Bowlers 2022-2327
Wedekamm, AllissonMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2327
Bailey, ColtonFELLOWSHIP 2022-202326
Eagle, BryceHoliday Inn Express 22-2326
Ball, MikeFriday Sr No Tap 22-2324
Giffin, TaleenaGalen's Alignment & Brake23
Kidder, ShandonGalen's Alignment & Brake23
Timinskas, KatieSoftball Bowlers 2022-2323
Moore, CraigSoftball Bowlers 2022-2322
Nutter, CarsonPrep 2022-2322
Whipkey, LesaSoftball Bowlers 2022-2322
Cain, MikeGalen's Alignment & Brake21
Karcher, BrianSoftball Bowlers 2022-2321
Sellers, BobFriday Seniors 22-2321
Shoemaker, MeganGalen's Alignment & Brake21
Smith, DCHoliday Inn Express 22-2321
Stanley, PhilMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2321
Brookover, NathanHoliday Inn Express 22-2320
Little, BillFriday Sr No Tap 22-2320
Moore, BrandonSoftball Bowlers 2022-2320
Ozanick, RyanHoliday Inn Express 22-2320
Ozanick, RyanMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2320
Rose, DavidMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2320
Titus, LukePrep 2022-2320
Adams, MarkHoliday Inn Express 22-2319
Daugherty, DustinSoftball Bowlers 2022-2319
Diehl, JeffMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2319
Gorrell, ToddMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2319
Lyons-RH, LarryFriday Seniors 22-2319
Morris, JoeyHoliday Inn Express 22-2319
Perkins, BillyHoliday Inn Express 22-2319
Randolph, BrianMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2319
Seaman, BudWednesday Seniors 22-2319
Stephens, RonHoliday Inn Express 22-2319
West, BrianMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2319
Berry, KylieSoftball Bowlers 2022-2318
Benton, TimMonday Srs 22-2318
Adams, TerryFriday Seniors 22-2318
Davis, DiannaWednesday Seniors 22-2318
Eddy, PaulPrep 2022-2318
Ellison, MickFELLOWSHIP 2022-202318
Gallagher, BraydenJr/Major 2022-2318
Orr, ScottSoftball Bowlers 2022-2318
Runnion, LeiaGalen's Alignment & Brake18
Turner, DebbieFriday Seniors 22-2318
Whitehead, JakeGalen's Alignment & Brake18
Barniak, RonWednesday Seniors 22-2317
Ball, StacyMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2317
Brigner, EdWednesday Seniors 22-2317
Crigger, SonyaSoftball Bowlers 2022-2317
Degeldere, DeniseMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2317
Hill, BobMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2317
Hinton, DakotaSoftball Bowlers 2022-2317
Hinton, DylanSoftball Bowlers 2022-2317
Hoofer, PaulWednesday Seniors 22-2317
Jenkins, MonaWednesday Seniors 22-2317
Mace, WoodyFriday Sr No Tap 22-2317
Taylor, PatrickMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2317
Brown, TomMonday Srs 22-2316
Adams, MarkHoliday Inn Express 22-2316
Bartlet, DonnieGalen's Alignment & Brake16
Cornell, ShawnHoliday Inn Express 22-2316
Cunningham, EricSoftball Bowlers 2022-2316
Davis, JimWednesday Seniors 22-2316
Eichhorn, DaveMonday Srs 22-2316
Friend, KeeganBantam 22-2316
Fuchs, SteveWednesday Seniors 22-2316
Lynch, BobHoliday Inn Express 22-2316
Lyons, LarryMonday Srs 22-2316
Matheny, FredWednesday Seniors 22-2316
Patterson, RyanHoliday Inn Express 22-2316
Presley, JenniferFELLOWSHIP 2022-202316
Shears, DaneenMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2316
Shears, LanceMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2316
Simers, ScottMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2316
Taylor, RobSoftball Bowlers 2022-2316
Wagner, CoreyHoliday Inn Express 22-2316
Wagner, CoreyGalen's Alignment & Brake16
Wendelken, BruceFriday Sr No Tap 22-2316
Wiggers, TiaSoftball Bowlers 2022-2316
Boso, JasonHoliday Inn Express 22-2315
Barth, CarrieSoftball Bowlers 2022-2315
Carpenter, ChrisMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2315
Eddy, DaveSoftball Bowlers 2022-2315
Fitzhugh, GretchenGalen's Alignment & Brake15
Fling, RichardMountaineer Meat Mkt and Seafood 22-2315
Giffin, JasminePrep 2022-2315
Hoover, JDHoliday Inn Express 22-2315
Hostottle, LarryGalen's Alignment & Brake15
Javins, TylerHoliday Inn Express 22-2315
Kerns, ChuckMonday Srs 22-2315
Lucas, GwenFriday Sr No Tap 22-2315