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CenterID: 12129
Pike Street Lanes
2605 Pike Street
ParkersburgWV 26101
(304) 485-6000

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Balser, JacobHoliday Inn Express Red Crown8
Taylor, PatrickHoliday Inn Express Red Crown7
Eagle, BobGalen's Alignment & Brake6
Boso, MeganMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood6
Randolph, BrianMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood6
Currey, CoreyGalen's Alignment & Brake5
Brownrigg, RandyHoliday Inn Express Red Crown5
Friend, TravisHoliday Inn Express Red Crown5
Smith, DarrenHoliday Inn Express Red Crown5
Young, BrianHoliday Inn Express Red Crown5
Carr, JanisMonday Srs4
Campbell, CarolynMonday Srs4
Bunner, JoshGalen's Alignment & Brake4
Corbitt, AdamHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Drain, RodHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Dillon, CoreyHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Eichhorn, DaveMonday Srs4
Friend, TravisGalen's Alignment & Brake4
Gorrell, ToddMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood4
Hill, JordanHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Kerns, ChuckMonday Srs4
Lyons, LarryMonday Srs4
Lyons-RH, LarryFriday Seniors4
Mason, DonMonday Srs4
McKown, GeorgeMonday Srs4
Morris, JoeyHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Morris, RickHoliday Inn Express Red Crown4
Webb, EarlFriday Seniors4
Eagle, BryceHoliday Inn Express Red Crown3
Eddy, StephenFriday Seniors3
Eddy, ScottGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Dotson, BillyGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Dotson, AlanGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Drain, DerickGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Currey, CoreyHoliday Inn Express Red Crown3
Brownrigg, RandyMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood3
Brodie, ChuckMonday Srs3
Boso, TomHoliday Inn Express Red Crown3
Adams, TerryWednesday Seniors3
Eddy, VickyMonday Srs3
Farnsworth, GaryFriday Seniors3
Giles, MargeMonday Srs3
Hornbeck, JerriFriday Seniors3
Kerns, AlanMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood3
Kesterson, MikeMonday Srs3
Matheny, DuaneWednesday Seniors3
McCloy, LarryFriday Seniors3
Mills, PatGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Nortum, AmyGalen's Alignment & Brake3
Richmond, HalMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood3
Sams, JuneMonday Srs3
Smith, BillyHoliday Inn Express Red Crown3
Walker, HunterMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood3
Watson, JerryFriday Seniors3
Weaver, AliceFriday Seniors3
West, LindaMonday Srs3
Adams, LindaFriday Seniors2
Adams, MarkHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Bailey, ConniGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Barniak, RonWednesday Seniors2
Armstead, JudyGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Brigner, EdFriday Seniors2
Boyce, AnnWednesday Seniors2
Brodie, ChuckGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Brookover, NathanHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Brookover, LarryHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Brodie (Left), JamesGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Bowen, RonMonday Srs2
Brownrigg, MellisaMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Buck, BlakeBantam2
Brown, KristiMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Brown, DixieMonday Srs2
Buck, MattGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Chapman, AnnFriday Seniors2
Cox, WendyMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Derenberger, ChrisHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Dotson, RyanGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Downs, JenMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Dzierzanski, DanFriday Seniors2
Eddy, BobHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Eddy, ScottHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Drain, HunterPrep2
Fling, ErnieFriday Seniors2
Flinn, DavidHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Followell, VioletMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Giles, DallasMonday Srs2
Goff, GlennFriday Seniors2
Graham, RobHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2
Hall, FrancineFriday Seniors2
Hess, JackFriday Seniors2
Hill, AmberGalen's Alignment & Brake2
Hill, BobMountaineer Meat Market and Seafood2
Hornbeck, JerriWednesday Seniors2
Hunt, TravisHoliday Inn Express Red Crown2