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115 South Plank Road
NewburghNY 12550
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Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 09/09/2019
Start Time: 12:45 PM
Last Updated: 1/22/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Elite Pools
1Petrose, DotW036326490126307
2Sager, BernadetteW0304079135176471
3Lee, CherylW0334266129176458
Team 2: Jtd Services
1Santana, LucyW0365131142186485
2Capwell, DorisW0303983132164442
3Navarro, SusanW0365764160202539
Team 3: Pied Piper Pest Control
1Williams, HelenW0334936149183507
2VanRegenmortel, RoseW0365295147201540
3Valastro, LesaW0366015167212583
Team 4: Golden Girls
1Segal, DorisW0334384132167450
2Ketterer, ArdisW0303720124169395
4Van Gelder, JuanitaW0212732130167441
Team 5: Time To Spare
1Koenig, HertaW0334175126227465
2Lewick, MaryW0364410122160421
3Pultz, CindyW0304197139175510
Team 6: Be Happy
1Glant, JoanW0364532125179454
2Williams, DollyW0334092124154404
3Moyer, DarleneW0363913108138380
Team 7: 14 Times
1Conroy, NancyW0303196106155363
2Goldstein, FayeW0364482124175414
3McKee, JoanW0242755114159403
Team 8: Bowling Belles
1Ward, KathyW0333903118163402
2O'Neal, PaulineW0364638128169429
3Bauer, JeanW0274190155212513
Team 9: Hudson Str. Cafe
1Thompson, JaniceW0365424150203513
2Masi, JoanW0355282150188523
3Brown, LisaW0305239174236594
Team 10: Carmela's Girls
1Morales, MichelleW0364636128160427
2Kreis, IreneW0304456148192502
3Malloy, RoseW0294179144201483
Team 11: 3'S A Charm
1Monti, PattyW0272852105151387
2Gogerty, AngelaW027248792125316
3Mannese, TerryW0366106169223631
Team 12: Spunky Ladies
1Johansen, MariaW0324288134190468
2Brandon, DeloresW0365463151195512
3O'Melia, KathyW0334642140188500