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CenterID: 402
Parkway Bowl
1280 Fletcher Parkway
El CajonCA 92021
(619) 448-4111

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LeagueID: 27749
S Pin Busters
Bowls On: Wednesdays
Start Date: 05/08/2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 8/22/2019
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Natalie's Crew
1Brubaker, NatalieW633421140164421
2Miller, CodyM433488162190488
3Brubaker, MitchM193566188217566
4Brubaker, BrandonM300017600
Team 2: Defending Champs
1Whitney, BobM193565188221565
2Queriones, MonaW610014200
3Hamlin III., RickM03630210231630
4Queriones, AlfredoM60020300
Team 3: Alley Cats
1Jones, LiannaW713394131176394
2Yates, BrandonM873341113126341
3Tocco, VitoM33618206211618
4Hoover, RobM03691230257691
Team 4: Pop'n Blueberrie
1Morero, JamieW691116133116116
2Morero, PaulM273538179193538
3Perkins, JessicaW843350116141350
4Parli, SpillmanM333520173182520
Team 5: "E" For Effort !
1Cloud, JonM03637212263637
2Cloud, LeslieW813361120149361
3Brown, DonnaW903329109123329
4Maddux, TracyW110326387100263
Team 6: E - Bowl - A
1Crabtree, DarrellM443484161186484
3Crowe, NickM363512170194512
4Griswold, ConnerM353514171182514
Team 7: Spare Parts
1McNeil, SheilaW903328109114328
2Peterson, GaryM813361120156361
3Evans, MichaelM63611203233611
Team 8: R Balls R Stuck
1Norris, DianeW813362120143362
2Norris, KevinM433486162186486
3Thornton, DebbieW723391130157391
4Bigley, FrankM643416138149416
Team 9: Pin Heads
1Spees, DanielM13624208235624
2Curtis, MarcM663408136152408
3Lofton, MattM753379126148379
4Bair, IanM103328795114287
Team 10: Balls Deep !!!
1Kemmerer, BrianM183571190202571
2Bankson, CoryM253547182223547
3Fisher, BrianM423489163183489
4Kirven, SeanM180019000
Team 11: Holly Sh!T
1Munoz, FranciscoM443484161180484
2Anderson, TammyW10832678991267
3Hunter, DuwainM000000
4Matta, EdwardM473473157178473
5Thomas, JimmyM143583194226583
Team 12: Wayne's Strikers
1Wilson, PaulaW823356118124356
2Kelly, KenM513460153169460
3King, WayneM00021000
4Dennis, PatrickM273537179202537