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League ID: 54351

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Paradise Lanes & FEC, Inc.
469 E Blackstock Rd
SpartanburgSC 29301-3749

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Spare Me
1Owens, CarolynW776689114131355
2Rogers, BethW666761126149420
3Rogers, JoeM716728121150370
4Nare, RodneyM556829138170452
Team 2: Wolf Pack
1Wolfe, AlbertM803333111125333
2Richardson, BobM403466155162466
3Taylor, AveryM353484161170484
4, VACANTW723360120120360
Team 3: 7 &10 Pin Haters
1Batson, FrancesW586811135155415
2Lyles, MildredW456904150186511
3Batson, StephenM556830138169416
4Love, ErnestM396939156179491
Team 4: Anita And The Mens
1Stewart, AnitaW616792132149417
2Stewart, DavidM636778129159390
3Thompson, CarlM466891148179446
4Gerich, NickM2661027171197566
Team 5: Just Us
1Carpenter, NancyW556828138152429
2Kind, FrankM546845140157449
3Booker, OdessaW536847141173434
4Sullivan, JohnM476884147162444
Team 6: B Crew
1Taylor, BettyW576819136161421
2Burnett, JamesM446909151173485
Team 7: Let'm Roll
1Chace, PacitaW906600100122303
2Allen, ShirleyW586813135148436
3Bearden, RichardM816661110136333
4Chapman, TomM346973162180523
Team 8: Strikers
1Neuman, JerryM586814135161432
2Gowan, JamesM11732117092211
3Lister, ElaineW673377125136377
4Love, JohnM813329109121329
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