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Below are the top 50 bowlers in your Bowling Center for the Season/Report selected.

Men's Top 50 High Scratch Games - 2019 Fall
300Bray, Danny
300Ashcraft, Shawn
300Dawson, David
289Harless, Josh
289Humphreys, Austin
279Tinnell, Jay
279Pearch, Dwight
279Martinez, Gus
279Nakandakare, Rodney
279McAllister, Dean
278Rose, Matt
278Hickson, Dwayne
278Sheftz, John
277Bailey, Mike
268Wade, Patrick
268Lumpkin, Slick
268Chin, Victor
268Higgins, Ryan
267Copeland, Robert
267Davis, Dustin
267Goad, Ira
267Ashcraft, Shawn
267Summers, Dustin
267Sheftz, John
266Cox, Steve
266Seagle, Nick
266Long, Gary
265Steflik, Steve
265Suddath, Richard
265Knaff, DeAngelo
264Pickering, William
264Johnson, Terry
260Fischer, Jacob
260McLane, Samuel
260Hall, Andrew
259Kessell, Marshall
259Green, Tanner
259Nakandakare, Neal
258Smith, Dennis
258Pickering, William
258McGhee, David
258Ward, Ronnie
257Forrester, Don
257Wright, Charles
256Robbins, Dean
256Knaff, DeAngelo
256Pollitt, Doug
256Hunsinger, Lance
255McGhee, David
254Porter, Craig
254McMahan, Greg
253Matthews, Rick
252Marney, Michael
251Johnson, Denny
249Young, Bryan
249Bray, Daniel
248Hall, Andrew
248Ozias, Cody
248Parker, Tracy
248Forrester, Don
247Goad, Ira
247Fischer, Jacob
247Humphreys, Austin
247Cox, Steven
247Raulin, Pete
247Scott, Jonathan
247Ward, Ron
247Rogers, Bill
246George, Wayman
246Valenzuela, Edmund
246Maguire, David
246Knaff, DeAngelo
246Cox, Cory
246Lamance, David
246Dawson, David
246Carter, Keith
245Simms, John
245Rogers, William
245Simms, John
245Sammons, Brian
245Kincer, Ace
245Suddath, Rick
245George, Wayman
244Coykendall, William
244Alderfer, Rick
243Byrge, Tommy
243Byrge, Bobby
242Caldwell, David
241Feigerle, Charles
241Kincer, Ace
241Collier, Bill
241Moore, Patrick
241Westlund, Eric
240Corn, Bobby
238King, Devin
238Marshall, Doug
238Green, Tanner
237Tidwell, Bear
237McGhee, David
237Thomas, Tyrone
Women's Top 50 High Scratch Games - 2019 Fall
279Manning, Theresa
258Rogers, Krystal
257Manning, Tee
256Hamm, Willette
235Swafford, Denise
232Manning, Tee
228Griffin, Vicki
226Campbell, Kellsie
225Milhollon, Connie
224Kennedy, Lorie
219Dickerson, Holly
215Carrington, Loretta
215Corn, Judy
214Collins, Melonie
212Rogers, Kristyl
212Cole, Pamela
211Pickering, Sydney
209Swafford, Denise
208Griffin, Vicki
207Fischer, Amber
204Johnson, Dori
204Renager, Laurie
203Argyle, Carla
203Yarborough, Brenda
203Argyle, Carla
201Cooper, Betty
200Seiber, Alexis
199Duncan, Pat
199Valenzuela, Connie
198Coykendall, Sherry
197Carrington, Loretta
195White, Yoshiko
193Jaynes, Kali
192Carrington, Loretta
191White, Yoshi
191Whisman, Jo
190Baxter, Jamie
189Pickering, Barbara
189Carrubba, Missy
189Galyon, Teresa
188Harris, Hallie
188Rash, Shannon
188Adkins, Linda
184Marney, Kathy
183Crites, Nora
182Gordon, Willene
181Gordon, Willene
180Shannon, Audrey
180Harrison, Emelia
180Thomas, Dolores
178May, Pat
177deForest, Sherri
176Suddath, Abby
176McFarland, Cheryl
176McFarland, Cheryl
174Whatley, Lorene
174Crites, Nora
172Howes, Hollie
171Honeycutt, Susie
170Cox, Marie
170Womack, Snookie
169Rogers, Alexis
169Pickering, Melissa
169Buck, Delores
169Thomas, Dolores
168Hillard, Mary
168Gardner, Sally
168Brockelm, Desiree
168Withrow, Juanita
167Cottongim, Virginia
167Grove, Phillina
167Murphy, Kathie
166Duncan, Marilyn
164Hansard, Elke
164Housman, Cathie
163Seiber, Alexis
162Whisman, Jo
160Duncan, Marilyn
160Clary, Sondra
159Yarborough, Brenda
158Blanchard, Darlene
158Sheftz, Joy
158McGhee, Lisa
156Hayes, Pat
154Davidson, Sadie
154Manley, Bessie
153Hayes, Pat
152Whatley, Sissie
151Hill, Bethany
151DeRoos, Pat
150Stanley, Shelly
148Eiler, Sandy
148O'Shell, Rosetta
148Hansard, Elke
146Goad, Patricia
145Fuqua, Dale
144Lehrmann, Maryann
144McGhee, Lisa
143Hager, Johnsie
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