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246 S Illinois Ave
Oak RidgeTN 37830
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Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 08/15/2019
Start Time: 1:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/12/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Four Aces
1Cottongim, VirginiaW10241405698167396
2Milhollon, ConnieW35477766165225556
3Housman, CathieW75455650125164437
4Hunsinger, LanceM1397791199256653
Team 2: Bowling Oldies
1Hayes, PatW82455352118153426
2deForest, SherriW78485863122177456
5Ryburn, RogerM38426829162196534
6deForest, RoyM38365833162213558
Team 3: Strike Force
1Womack, SnookieW68486347132170485
2Stulberg, MelM66486462134179463
3Anderson, MarvinM20366510180253613
4Forrester, DonM20488659180224604
5Ingram, YvonneW000000
Team 4: Git Er Dun
1Withrow, JuanitaW76364470124168415
2Blanchard, DarleneW74425295126158434
3Jones, BillyM65395285135180505
4Blanchard, JonM59395531141215522
5Hager, JohnsieW753375125143375
Team 5: Rebels
1Manley, BessieW95394120105154368
2Hansard, ElkeW83455266117165413
3Barnette, JackM72395008128188437
4White, YoshikoW40426731160198544
Team 6: Pinbusters
1Thomas, DoloresW63486595137191478
2Wadlington, GeorgeM71455816129180467
3Altes, KenM57446307143188475
4Thomas, ManuelM52487138148214521
Team 7: Rollers
1Eiler, SandyW86394461114148402
2May, PatW69415408131178474
3May, BobM51324784149198488
4Treece, RandyM30427179170210570
Team 8: Dynamos
1McReynolds, BillM34457487166213553
3Crites, NoraW63425785137188470
4Foust, StanleyM40426738160209522
5Fox, FloydM24488467176226640