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246 S Illinois Ave
Oak RidgeTN 37830
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Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/13/2019
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/17/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Rebels
1Kincer, AceM14489336194241643
2Martinez, GusM65110380203279711
3Marney, MichaelM26519267181252664
4Marshall, DougM29549579177238644
Team 2: Full Throttle
1Bryan, WilliamM28427496178229605
2Collier, BillM37549079168241641
3Goad, IraM175410322191267709
4Lillie, RichardM33335715173216599
Team 3: Rude Dog
1Long, GaryM05111185219266740
2Wright, CharlesM15411257208257688
3Hickson Jr., DwayneM215410090186278677
4Lumpkin, SlickM9458971199268699
5Bowers, DavidM3291572174202554
Team 4: Ttbd
1Dickerson, ToddM33488323173234584
2Thomas, TyroneM17214018191237620
3Pickering, WilliamM95410841200258695
4Pollitt, DougM20519583187256630
Team 5: Shoe's Crew
1Ashcraft, ShawnM05110674209300729
2Mier, KeeganM45457169159225544
3Argyle, CarlaW39549009166203562
4Hall, AndrewM6459164203266669
5Humphreys, DanielM3391564173218589
Team 6: Group Therapy
1Tinnell, JayM05411476212279714
2Porter, CraigM55411029204286700
3Wade, PatrickM0459844218268774
4Johnson, TerryM165410400192264647
Team 7: Sea Ray
1Pearch Jr., DwightM25519284182279596
2Bishop, NathanM27519219180234666
3Sheftz, JohnM85410858201278674
4George, WaymanM45213363160199567
5Moore, PatrickM20122249187241670
6Smith, DennisM061338223258696
Team 8: Never Miss The Pocket
1Ozias, CodyM55110447204248690
2Copeland, RobertM05411513213300730
3Fischer, JacobM11479271197260693
4Seagle, NickM35411170206300704
Team 9: The Chumps
1Cox, CoryM2489967207246701
2Harless, JoshM04810694222289769
3Davis, DustinM05411408211267689
4Higgins, RyanM9489629200268699
Team 10: Lane Rage
1Alderfer, RickM26366529181258623
2Collins, MelonieW32427310174251649
3Trice, ChrisM40365952165223585
4Dewy, BernieM47487559157225584
5Steflik, SteveM85110254201265691
Team 11: Unbowlievables
1Rose, MattM05110769211278711
2Bailey, MikeM24488807183277669
3Robbins, DeanM18428017190256645
4Rose, TimM26274891181226622
5Scott, JonathanM10367153198247663
Team 12: Tapped Out
1Westland, EricM33518848173218594
2Valentine, RamseyM29457975177228623
3McGhee, DavidM20488976187258682
4Dawson, DavidM28366418178246612
Team 13: Pit Of Misery
1Young, BryanM22519470185249641
2Ratliff, ShawnM31518961175229602
3Lamance, DavidM14489359194246668
4Suddath, RichardM225410032185237671
5Zajac, RonM2791611179205587
Team 14: Big Dawgs
1Nakandakare, RodneyM135410544195279697
2Feigerle, CharlesM27458095179247609
3Byrge, TommyM22488886185259649
4Chin, VictorM9489592199268714
Team 15: Go Blue!
1Carter, KeithM15519858193246639
2Rogers, KristylW40457465165225561
3Raulin, PeteM24549901183251666
4Rogers Jr.., WilliamM14489345194245661
Team 16: Bray's Bbq
1Bray, DanielM115110091197257716
2Simms, JohnM25336032182245631
3Coykendall, BillM37427082168214549
4Cox, StevenM115110089197247657