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1765 Happy Valley Drive
FairfieldOH 45014
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Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 08/29/2019
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/16/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Ladies With Ball
1Fessler, JoW84456123136193488
2O'Donnel, JanetW81425910140222482
3Smith, JanetW68335084154202506
4Dix, DarleneW70456879152202504
5Beard, PatriciaW44152715181216587
Team 2: Split Happens
1Koch, JamieW94364532125160416
2Frank, JulieW110394177107142369
3Saylor, MichelleW83395371137191487
4Koch, KevinM80456360141194461
Team 3: Bucket Heads
1Ohmer, TjM52366220172242602
3Ohmer, SunniW88364781132186471
4Ohmer, DennisM40397240185230632
5Jyengling, KurtM61457317162204568
Team 4: What (Tf) Ever
1Witt, SueW88425563132166430
2Jones, SteveM60457377163215542
3Plamondon, GregM41336077184235613
4Witt, MikeM59457400164211589
Team 5: Gutterly Ridicul
1Ridgeway, SusanW105455106113165391
2Bandy, DebbieW82395403138190484
3Schuerman, LauraW78426015143202511
4Bandy, BryanM37427925188246658
Team 6: Alley Gators
1Lehmkuhl, KimW99333931119177430
2Dubey, KelliW59426926164216571
3Lehmkuhl, JackM45458116180243648
4Dubey, FatboyM15428976213288791
Team 7: Strike Time
1King, PamW55366074168221556
2Collins, GlennM32397596194266664
3Nelson, LindaW47335850177276676
4Newbolt, DarrellM27458958199262709
Team 8: Room 4 Moore
1Moore, DianaW87455995133169473
2Axle Richard, MicheleW93455686126180450
3Moore, MarkM69426437153217564
4Moore, DaveM45427543179237619
Team 9: Happy Place
1Thomas, ScottM16428928212268723
2Colley, GregM46458016178223607
3Mandery, TravisM52427250172212571
4Egelston, WilM32397603194245629
Team 10: Irritable Bowl S
1Robbins, PhilM42458243183225610
2Robbins, BrianM45427536179265624
3Robbins, DavidM38366750187263660
4Robbins, MikeM30397676196257635
Team 11: Industrial Athle
1Coleman, MichaelM43305479182236649
2Rump, EricM75182631146213516
3Wilker, MaxM81304175139233495
5Scaggs, JacobM115333367102144363
6Price, TomM6871078154222562
7Dishman, HaroldM42366615183240607
Team 12: Won't He Do It?
1Hall, D'AngelW58457466165221563
2Durham, LaurenW72456777150228611
3Hall Jr, DillardM5429437224280746
4Baity, MikeM39458370186257661
Team 13: Lady & The Champs
1Izrailevsky, LeoM51457826173239641
2Ivy, JoyW90425483130191463
3Sinica, JohnM76456533145224617
4Helton, DougM27397763199257696
Team 14: Los Pasadores
1Huffer, LydiaW63335293160191552
2Huffer, IanM72304507150208533
3Huffer, CarlM51427307173234625
4Huffer, MeaghanW53244127171202535
5Huffer, RobM25459129202279693
Team 15: D+ Average
1Livers, MattM81425917140202494
2Conrad, EmilyW102333853116157384
3Conrad, ConnieW112424427105141361
4Conrad, MikeM82456243138207537
Team 16: Performance Hvac
1Chandler, DerickM64365718158207588
2Scott, SandyW67396053155202523
3Scott, MikeM43162917182231602
4Bourne, BobM0429619229299744
5Boehl, TabM18296106210279697