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Nellie Fox Bowl & Sport Shop
3587 Molly Pitcher Hwy S
ChambersburgPA 17201
717 375-2222

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Horst Craft Cabi
1Reed, CharlieM0214744225279774
2Reed, SueW29264465171214553
3Schill, JonathanM22335893178245681
4Horst, MelM4367081196267701
5Stouffer, CarlM4367077196279665
Team 2: Who Cares
1Railing, YunW27366241173215578
2Gracy, KylieW40365778160211531
3Spangler, BrendaW87394419113157418
4Burkholder, ChadM0398686222278743
Team 3: Misfits 2
1Sholes, DonM32366062168232603
2best, lemarM2991546171186546
3Cashmere, JackM29274623171222600
4Carbaugh, RalphM46365576154212490
5Sherman, DaveM30396652170220561
Team 4: Brews Crew
1Lautenslager, TerryM59243401141176468
2Krysiek, JimM91333609109148389
3Shuster, ChuckM50243609150197492
4Rotz, MerleM17152751183224627
Team 5: Dicks Cabinetry
1Ruffley, MatthewM0398327213289755
2Blair, StuartM54395730146192526
3Newman, LannyM30396652170234570
4Newman, EricM7397542193256657
Team 6: Bottoms Up
1Gelwicks, JeremyM0398369214279759
2Reed, DianeW31396623169222593
3Reed, ButchM0398073207258729
4Gearhart, TerryM0367955220277726
Team 7: Kays Kakes
1McElwain, EvelynW73394990127168439
2Freeman, DianeW64395317136179457
3Moore, VickyW65364875135173470
3, VACANT 000000
4, VACANT 000000
4Haulman, LindaW60395470140200468
Team 8: Mt Air Carpet Ca
1Adams, CarolW59365082141183493
1, VACANT 000000
2, VACANT 000000
2Adams, KenM25366324175255600
3Ward, AllanM41335266159210552
3, VACANT 000000
4, VACANT 000000
4Ward, PerryM13366741187246674
Team 9: Unbowlieble
1Myers, ShaneM86394463114167373
1, VACANT 000000
2, VACANT 000000
2Beam, KaitlynnW52365358148202490
3Kauffman, CraigM27335727173252675
3, VACANT 000000
4, VACANT 000000
4Kauffman, AustinM0367672213290773
Team 10: Troopers
1, VACANT 000000
1Mcgonigal, RickM22152675178238598
2Pensinger, PaulM9214013191249638
2, VACANT 000000
3, VACANT 000000
3Eckenrode, EdwardM45365595155210518
4, VACANT 000000
4Kraft, LouM12336205188246636
5Piatt, DaveM0367779216279728
Team 11: Clueless
1Rupert, LucindaW37274408163225533
1, VACANT 000000
2, VACANT 000000
2Perry, DawnW59365083141199515
3, VACANT 000000
3Johnson, CarlM12397365188255635
4Cowley, DaveM53365303147190493
4, VACANT 000000
Team 12: Pin Pals
1Walls, DannyM0245244218257744
2Cabral, JonM40335291160231538
3Cabral, ChrissyW41365731159220552
4Kraft, DanielM13173184187276634
5Belt, JennW12275097188232634
6Brown, DjM0306216207279724
Team 13: Misfits
1Wible, DarleneW77394834123163415
2Kauffman, CindyW60395479140177461
3Straley, AustinM45335144155212508
4Straley, SallyW69273552131206473
Team 14: Spruce It Up
1Stouffer, JennieW56395619144179473
2Thompson, BonnieW6122334194299663
3Eckenrod, MarleneW62364985138197474
4Fauver, DonnaW68364753132189489
5Clippinger, BrianM33366016167245588
Team 15: Train Wreck
1Butts, KathyW79394754121165442
2Newcomer, ScottM0397978204266714
3McKenzie, BrianM0367489208269703
4Begbie, MikeW0397847201267708
Team 16: Wrong Side
1Dodd, MikeM13397315187255640
2Rotz, GaryM66395230134167464
3Davis, HannahW54365269146188506
4Walls, DenverM0398271212289761
Team 17: Gutt-Er-Done
1Arndt, TaylorW21397014179235635
2Bigler, VickiW25396831175244624
3Fritz, ZachM0367613211257716
4Forney, DorianM0397807200269686
Team 18: Livin On A Spare
1Elmy, DebW38396356162225584
2Gipe, BrianM4336483196259731
3Elmy, JackM17397166183237600
4Peck, RandyM0398467217279749
Team 19: Dream Team
1Smith, BrandonM13336203187244704
2Bailie, SeanM75334136125164427
3Walls, WesleyM0398287212268725
4Shank, NoahM24396871176252682
Team 20: The Bowling Ston
1Umbrell, PaulM41335273159202527
2Griffin, RayM59365091141198485
3Cramer, SherryW96121248104135336
4Linhart, JohnM83303533117145414
5Houser, LonnieW873339113125339
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