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CenterID: 11154
Mid County Lanes
875 North Broad Street
Middletown DE 19709

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LeagueID: 25608
Tree Inc. 2020-2021
Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 09/14/2020
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 11/21/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Just A Game Focker
1Mosley, CindyW96273328123159409
2Beckman, BillM54244061169216580
3Cochran, LindaW99273249120154402
4Kennedy, MikeM46122147178229570
5Mosley, JimM25275480202259658
Team 2: Who Cares
1Welch, KeeganM46305352178235615
2beattie, maggieM105212385113160441
3weidlein, nikkiW87243213133167447
4Welch, ClintM54305129170219610
Team 3: Quarter Brown
1Warwick, JakeM27306018200279692
2Patel, PriM41305529184230637
3Bracale, AlexaW41244416184239605
4Gollhardt, BradM34244623192245655
Team 4: Newbies
1Walker, CherylW31275276195247639
2Rhodes, RonM55305062168222571
3Decker, KenM4361095182224579
4Tretina, ChrisM32275247194243647
5Tretina, SteveM38213940187237620
Team 5: Team 5
1Lavender, EleanorW80304233141173478
2Bish, LarryM72274038149186504
3Syva, GregM25306063202269674
4Isaacs, WillM20275595207268724
Team 6: Robbie's Rebels
1Wilkie, JoanW99303615120168424
2Fredd, LisaW94303750125156410
3Fredd, RobbM71304554151210555
4Wilkie, GregM48305292176228598
Team 7: Chuckin Balls
1Simpson, TheresaW12227255294123305
2Conway, AshleyW58243978165222539
3Conway, JoeM76273940145195478
4Simpson, JoeM58304968165254584
5Simpson, KathyW99121443120152397
Team 8: Tree Inc.
1Messick, GeneM32305824194223628
2Samluk Jr., SteveM45274872180247645
3Samluk, RoseW65304722157212554
4Samluk Sr., SteveM20244991207249667
Team 9: Not Afraid 2020
1Birch Jr., ChrisM59304938164236578
2Young, JanetW64233636158204514
3Dawson, JamieM45244327180233587
4Birch Sr.., ChrisM18306270209256683
Team 10: Red Lion
1Bonaventure, JoneW78304296143204481
2Bonaventure, DaveM64304741158220534
3Marcin, SharonW67304672155203525
4Marcin, DaveM45305395179248656