League Standings Two x Twos Summer 2018

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two-x-twos-summer-2018: Year: 2018 Season: summer Week: 12
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
122Plucking Pins562173 %56548181136441799
26Red Birds512666 %51584192666551865
327One Lucky Guy502765 %50718237628102246
418Wannabe Winners492864 %49685225987832202
511Timber!!463160 %46720236178082266
614Cornbowlio453258 %45543179486411757
7199-Pack453258 %45663199187812163
829And I Paid For This!!443357 %44654216047472111
916R Gang443357 %44652215697462145
1015Silenters433456 %43679222487732126
1130Next Week413653 %41773255389032533
1231Pffft! Haw!!403752 %40692227418162252
137Pin Seekers403752 %40565186526711905
1428Bass Ackwards393851 %39778256829042487
1523The Packers393851 %39709233977912234
1632If Only393851 %39661219807582209
175Gutter Dusters383949 %38573190277021920
1810Left-Overs374048 %37576191147501974
191Brooklyn Boom!!!!!374048 %37603202547042036
2021Badabing!!374048 %37751246968312394
2125No Fears364147 %36544179916421744
229Cheeseheads364147 %36622205857372035
2313The Lucky 13S354245 %35583191996841869
2424Pinkies Up344344 %34606192317431990
2520Roll Drink Repeat334443 %33580191826651853
2617Off The Hook334443 %33658216897362116
2712Ssv Time To Spare314640 %31586193646791887
284Team Four304739 %30627205547262049
293Chit Happens294838 %29628201647162064
302Off Constantly265134 %26577190786711946
3126All About The Spares255232 %25637214507722218
328Gutter Done245331 %24592198307132018
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