Lane Assignments Two x Twos Fall 2018-19

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
18U.S. Preferred10668 220The Packers14735
36Half 'N Half4678 426Silenters19679
528A-Team8559 614Show Up23654
716S.O.S.12602 821Oddballz29700
924Chit Happens17562 1011Cheeseheads24631
1132All About The Spares31678 122The Stable1639
139Gutter Done13572 1417Off The Hook26646
1534 Pinheads25646 1630R Gang28672
1715Pinkies Up7536 1823Red Birds9589
1922Wannabe Winners30686 2013Ya Gotta Hit 'Em To Get 'Em5606
2129Something Inappropriate20634 2210Juanita Winos15628
2331Pin Pushers21666 244Team Four27613
2527Pin Seekers22607 261Left-Overs32610
2718Re/Max-Imizers2644 287The Pocket Pickers18593
2912Ak-2-Az6703 3025Thunderballs3667
3119The Elbow Benders11595 325Timber!!16712 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - SV9869