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Lane Assignments Two x Twos Fall 2018-19

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
134 Pinheads17691 24Team Four32626
35Timber!!11713 46Half 'N Half20687
57The Pocket Pickers5604 68U.S. Preferred14682
79Gutter Done19597 810Juanita Winos24635
911Cheeseheads12640 1012Ak-2-Az27685
1113Ya Gotta Hit 'Em To Get 'Em16659 1214Spare Me13677
1315Pinkies Up7614 1416S.O.S.10612
1517Off The Hook26685 1618Manitos 'N Friend30596
1719Deadwood21609 1820The Packers29781
1921Brooklyn Boom!!!!!4590 2022Off Constantly22684
2123Red Birds8606 2224A-Team9570
2325Thunderballs3624 2426Silenters1696
2527Pin Seekers15634 2628All About The Spares23701
2729Ralph & The Gang6642 28303 Pins & A Gutter2691
2931Pin Pushers28672 3032Sunshine25654
311Left-Overs18582 322The Stable31689