Lane Assignments Two x Twos Fall 2017-18

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
1303 Pins & A Gutter2690 221Brooklyn Boom!!!!!5589
329Ralph & The Gang7641 415Pinkies Up4617
57The Pocket Pickers6600 68U.S. Preferred11682
714Spare Me12679 819Deadwood25609
925Thunderballs3624 1020The Packers27781
115Timber!!13714 1223Red Birds8608
1310Juanita Winos17636 1427Pin Seekers19633
1526Silenters1696 1628All About The Spares21700
179Gutter Done14599 1811Cheeseheads15640
1913Ya Gotta Hit 'Em To Get 'Em16660 2032Sunshine28654
2116S.O.S.9611 2224A-Team10571
2322Off Constantly23683 2418Manitos 'N Friend30596
256Half 'N Half22686 2612Ak-2-Az26685
2717Off The Hook24686 2834 Pinheads18689
291Left-Overs20584 304Team Four32627
3131Pin Pushers29674 322The Stable31690
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