League Standings SKULLCRUSHERS

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skullcrushers: Year: 2018 Season: summer Week: 13
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
110We Got The Splits21311266 %213595232196851895
216King Pins2089269 %208522187996281694
31Guardians Of The Gutter20412163 %204459179515431484
45Skulls188.5136.558 %188.5555215836421849
511We Da Poop!173.5151.553 %173.5489190606111598
68The Pin Killers16715851 %167403155584911287
714Ball Fondlers166.5158.551 %166.5409146994821349
87Marvelous 5 - 0163.5161.550 %163.5525203556681680
96Team #616316250 %163504198976131629
1015Son-Of-A-Beep15114950 %151438153825081357
1112Team #1214617945 %146451175545201465
1213Amp Up13519042 %135484187976261659
139Voodoo Rangers13219341 %132456177935481542
1443 Pricks + A Chick12420138 %124524213176451819
153Sha - Bizzal11720836 %117512197316171758
162This Is Our Spot Two5418123 %54085715011372
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