League Standings ROCK SHADOWS

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rock-shadows: Year: 2017 Season: winter Week: 17
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
117Cactus Clowns432563 %43442196995741453
221Gutterballs432563 %43504214196081705
311Lucky Strike402859 %40523219385871653
416Lucky Charms402859 %40554232926231805
514Never Give Up38.529.557 %38.5552226756151750
66Head Pins37.530.555 %37.5549243036241795
77Just The Two Of36.531.554 %36.5544210966361743
84Oops363253 %36556233306331783
920No Name363253 %36539219435791655
101Ball Busters363253 %36524206895821580
1123 Stooges363253 %363911955400
1213Lane Reckers34.533.551 %34.5590239366741872
1310Dgb33.534.549 %33.54632188500
1419Chan 'S Charms333549 %33516210285981623
1515Pin Bangers32.535.548 %32.54422219000
1622Crs323647 %32527235056081735
175Good Once323647 %32582243886381807
1812Double D's284041 %28537222336051745
199Up Your Alley274140 %27564246506321784
208Top Guns264238 %26601237556591721
2118Loners254337 %25547222496441685
223The Cactus's224632 %22543229336091729
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