League Standings MEB JUNIOR SPORT

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meb-junior-sport: Year: 2018 Season: summer Week: 9
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
110Chloe Collins342063 %341635883203509
24Quinten Bell312357 %311495392193500
31Connor Bell302456 %301324784182437
48Hunter Mayes282652 %281715478216563
513Nicholas Berhorst282652 %281625196228535
611Alex Edwards243044 %241374944211510
77Devin Fincher243044 %241294645166413
89Jordan Pendexter223241 %221444037204528
912Ryan Mcgraw223241 %221333200193537
102Sam Martinaeu213339 %211374394189526
115Trevor Bonanno213339 %211343237165442
126Chris Mayes203437 %201685405240607
1316Landon Theobald173135 %171543091211533
1414Connor Metzler144026 %141764949237630
1515Blind142239 %1401695152361
163Ethan Roxborough84615 %81151845164403
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