League Standings GUTTER GOURMETS



gutter-gourmets: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 20
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
17Pin Pickups825859 %82552331347081855
28Use To's815958 %81612368477161965
31Pins & Needlers786256 %78625375487172019
44Pin Strikers786256 %78559334586271764
53Sandbaggers687249 %68550331546641827
62Split Happens687249 %68592357356801897
79Sour Grapes667447 %66571336276911855
85Balls On Fire637745 %63594353686811922
96Ball Busters617944 %61576346446661844
1010Spare Ribs558539 %55539325626171722
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