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9260 East Broadway
MesaAZ 85208
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Bowls On: Wednesdays
Start Date: 11/06/2019
Start Time: 3:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/16/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: The Menopauses
1BOWARD, NANCYW45486900143183506
2REEVS, GEORGEM36487440155214541
3ADAMS, KEITHM48425863139203494
4LAMONT, TERRYM3397663196246662
Team 2: Bolen's Boys
1FIELDS, DONM28487956165237572
2HOUGHTON, JUNEW8442401195129326
3SCHNIDER, NORMM39487279151195520
4HULTGREN, PAULM25488082168236601
Team 3: The Sometimers
1LeQUIRE, STEVEM56455893130189466
2CRUMP, TERIW59364553126178451
3LESAN, PETEM40243583149186502
4LESAN, LARITAW66394584117152424
5MYERS, MIKEM28487950165220549
Team 4: Satellites
1ROWLEY, DONM41365357148193497
2KAESTNER, JUDYW61485909123160416
3MOORE, LORRAINEW58243051127192432
4ACTON, JOHNM40365421150195509
Team 5: Golden Vista Kid
1BOGART, WILBURM52456096135195493
2SEWELL, ANNEW68121384115169389
3BOGART, CHARLOTTEW56425432129171456
4BROWN, GREGM36426522155233536
5SEWELL, RICHARDM21427306173244655
Team 6: Scorpion
1KOSANKE, KARENW39456839151204520
2BOWARD, CARROLLM28457414164238550
3OWENS, BOBM40426301150235553
4HOERNER, DIXIEW46456409142192514
Team 7: Golden Eagles
1MAST, GALEW68455184115160421
2LORIS, PAULM52456078135211532
3EVANS, DARLENEW77394040103139369
4GOULET, MERLINM21183116173253555
Team 8: 2 Gals & 2 Guys
1GAROFOLI, SANDYW65242851118157408
2CROSS, BETTYW38365481152203510
3ACTON, SUEW40395851150199505
4BREUKLANDER, PAULM42487101147189527
5HOUGHTON, GARYM28426909164203556
Team 9: The Cactus Thorn
1HAFENSTEIN, HERMANM45213016143219495
2HAFENSTEIN, SONDRAW68242759114143380
3NABSETH, ARLENEW52273664135187453
4BURKEL, TOMM43243514146232517
5, VACANTW640012000
Team 10: Rosebuds
1DYER, INEZW62273305122161452
2JOHNSON, DENNISM30457305162218551
3HERRES, GARYM25488105168226578
4DYER, ARTM60273365124153406
Team 11: Leftovers
1BROWN, ANDREAW40426272149214533
2BROWN, MIKEM64425008119172421
3BURGI, BOBM47395535141183478
4FERRARA, PASQUALEM52364845134170443
Team 12: Misfits
1LOCKEN, LINDAW72363977110151407
2LOCKEN, LORENM52334476135191506
3MILLER, CINDYW75454790106145378
4MILLER, MILESM31457263161204554