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girlwatchers: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 22
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
12Bowlin Thunder(1+3)23714862 %416.59926550711603295
215Dad's Used Cars (2)229.5155.560 %40210236758111933236
320How Many Po Nuts We Win(3)21317255 %425.510036654711533379
48Blue Lives Matter!(1)210.5174.555 %391.510776797412263420
514Samm's Donkeys (2)206.5178.554 %43010577005112163452
616Team #16 (2)20617954 %38810756950111823377
77Roofing Consultants20518053 %388.59246127210493049
83Split Happens20018552 %377.59056005010733058
910Slit Lickers199.5185.552 %4169556422511343293
1012"Charlie Said "19618951 %38610536948712643501
115Brew Crew(1)194.5190.551 %445.510456907911973423
1218Undisputed187.5197.549 %398.59526315011393160
136Bowl Me18320248 %345.59025930410413101
141High Hard One179.5205.547 %349.510106625511723184
1519Vickman Family Floor Care(3)17620946 %397.59556240910833206
1611Mesa East Bowl17620946 %3169376245010933068
1713Big Balls16921644 %337.58836063911153177
184Man On16721843 %3609686373610993023
199Spring Chickens16422143 %3789646403711003114
2017Cheers150.5234.539 %350.59056064910873007
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