Lane Assignments GIRLWATCHERS

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
19Slitlickers7956 216Vickman Family Floor Care5942
312Go Ricky Go11001 42Pocket Pounders2968
520All Ten Back11895 613Believe The Hype15898
715Short Handed161049 819Team #1912928
93Split Happens18914 1014Roofing Consultants9925
114Dad's Used Cars61013 1210The Young And The Crippled17951
1311Cheers14889 147Snuff The Rooster131016
1518Team #18200 168Beeeyaahhh!81019
175B.A.M.F's101030 1817Mesa Misfits19890
196Adl3986 201C' Mon Man4969