League Average Booster FOUNTAIN EAST 2018

We all know that getting more strikes and spares will help increase your bowling average. However, did you know that if you set yourself a goal that you are more likely to achieve that goal?

If your goal each week is to increase bowling your average, then this page is for you. Below you will see what you need to bowl next week in order to increase bowling your average by one pin. Check this page out before you bowl each week and know your goal before you roll your first ball!


FacebookBEMIS, DEAN6425514131426132
FacebookBEMIS, GLEN4518450165514166
FacebookFOX, JD1728687120388121
FacebookGEMEINHARDT, JERRY16912245177571178
FacebookGEMEINHARDT, JUDY1668767132410133
FacebookHAEHN, DEBBIE26910116146468147
FacebookHAEHN, DENNIS27512005160553161
FacebookHOWELL, TOM2638376132402133
FacebookJACKSON, BILL36611008166515167
FacebookJACKSON, PEG3577895138445139
FacebookJACKSON, STAN3577506131414132
FacebookNYBAKKE, ALETA5516773132409133
FacebookPAUL, LYNDA5273060113360114
FacebookRIORDAN, JEFF6579051158489159
FacebookRIORDAN, VICKIE6425571132414133
FacebookSCHYDER, GENE3274822178548179
FacebookTHORESON, DON4487719160492161
FacebookTRIANO, SAL4549445174530175
FacebookWILHITE, JAN5729883137467138
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