League Standings 9 TO 5 ER'S

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Below are your League Standings for your bowling league for the week selected.

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Fall 2017 Week 27 03/08/2018

Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
127Mixed Nuts23711368 %514.5814661059612739
21Balls Of Fire22512564 %515.59517642210623109
34Split Lickers217.5132.562 %462847680219722816
417The Fong Five215.5134.562 %564.510478470311953437
520Deez Nuts205.5144.559 %54010208256011963283
625One Bagger204.5145.558 %5039477687111163046
721Dad's Used Cars20214858 %5029317547910483049
831Badabing!19815257 %4909477654211333184
924Fun Time Bowling19515556 %441.59457453310863118
1018Bff192.5157.555 %496.59057328510262926
1115Splits N Grins189.5160.554 %447.58386795710242797
1213Family Affair186.5163.553 %5119487315310913002
137Awaken185.5164.553 %569.59807958311203114
1410Golden Blend183.5166.552 %469.5837677339832680
1516Keeping Up With18316752 %481.59067425910773027
1626Da' Gang182.5167.552 %471773625458992463
17194Effs & A Pee We18216852 %501.5841668799412618
1814Getting F**Ked17817251 %542.59067293310433008
199True Storie17817251 %4889527643610943075
206Az Homes Market177.5172.551 %415.59047155810972890
21114 Sacs And A Rac175.5174.550 %4979067473311103026
2212Alley Gators17417650 %484.58937193010372861
232S.H.I.T.169.5180.548 %487.58867451510993045
243Tysmiha16918148 %4839747861311913157
2523Woops Ii16618447 %438.5710578768362376
268Just Like Family16218846 %501.59717789311233159
2728Nuts 2 Butts14021040 %435873697469992881
2830Fab 513219341 %380779609949102587
295The 5Th12922137 %455.5873706179852763
3022Catch 2212322735 %406.5761640149652683
3129Lord Of The Pins104.5245.530 %381779631679102574
3232Team #3201000 %00000
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