Lane Assignments 9 TO 5 ER'S

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
19True Storie6912 218Team Goat13843
32S.H.I.T1870 414Getting F**Ked31797
516Sputters32765 623Golden Blend8819
727Nipples & Crippl29841 822Dad's Used Cars22989
929Gaame On28805 103We Got The Splits25880
118Badabing!14942 126Coldwell Banker10951
1331Dime On The Line31045 1425One Bagger9810
1519Three Fingers De16820 16114 Sacs And A Rac11863
1726Scared Splitless5911 1813Team #1324912
195Da' Gang17751 2012Alley Gators23899
217Awaken30963 2230Sho Nuff20773
2328Mixed Nuts2832 2432Not Last19854
2515Just Bowl Me7834 2621Jonesin' 4 A Str27912
274Boomshakalaka12990 281Dilligaf18950
2917Together Again21942 3020Deez Nuts41038
3110Love Up26861 3224"Wing It"15766