Lane Assignments 9 TO 5 ER'S

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
18Just Like Family28963 231Badabing!22936
332Team #32320 44Split Lickers5856
522Catch 2226822 6114 Sacs And A Rac21910
77Awaken11981 81Balls Of Fire8947
923Woops Ii18720 1010Golden Blend14840
1117The Fong Five11049 1230Fab 531798
1320Deez Nuts21022 1416Keeping Up With7916
1525One Bagger9951 1614Getting F**Ked20903
176Az Homes Market19904 1815Splits N Grins16842
19194Effs & A Pee We10853 2018Bff13909
2121Dad's Used Cars4937 2226Da' Gang27774
239True Storie23943 2424Fun Time Bowling12940
2513Family Affair17945 265The 5Th29875
2727Mixed Nuts3823 2828Nuts 2 Butts24880
2929Lord Of The Pins30782 3012Alley Gators25894
312S.H.I.T.15890 323Tysmiha6982