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Mel's Lone Star Lanes
1010 North Austin Avenue
GeorgetownTX 78626

Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 09/03/2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 12/12/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Strike Force
1Standley, LisaW94333486105134364
2Hoffman, DickM69212793133169439
3, FreddieM40243976165207533
4Standley, ThomasM17326131191238663
Team 2: The Sandbaggers
1McCown, JamesM83364246117153401
2Edmonson, CandyW81364296119161436
3Chandler, PennieW44365797161224564
4Powell, TorreyM46335227158190520
Team 3: 9 And A Wiggle
1Renger, MartiW71334344131165430
2Culbertson, SandyW11633269181109291
3Kohlhepp, KateW76273401125159426
4Johnson, ElenaW32274702174234568
Team 4: Split Happens
1Boroski, TonyM71334344131210494
2Gann, JessiW96333399103155345
3Krueger, TravisM89363998111145396
4Bench, AndrewM65304113137208482
Team 5: Those Guys And A Gutter
1Sumrall, DeniseW94303166105151367
2Dayhoff, LawrenceM83333862117150428
3Klaser, GeneM22336137185247656
4Klaser, RickM27366448179234580
Team 6: The Rollers
1Furtado, DebbieW72364674129200476
2, VACANTW81311312053113
3Gazda, DaltonM32335760174227609
4Furtado, KevinM23366638184244627
Team 7: Four Pits And Two Peaches
1Wright Sr., MichaelM46182857158200513
2Littlepage, AmandaW54304494149202482
3, VACANTW810012000
4White, WilliamM41365923164245581
Team 8: Jbird Noells
1Ellis, LarryM72334309130157424
2Diamanti, QuintonM17366893191248639
3Diamanti, HeatherW49365595155204545
4Lundgren, JayM72273524130167418
Team 9: 3 X And A Zeros
1Barnaby, RandyM39294842166220584
2White, MikeM43274388162235588
3Sorum, DanaM32213654174222588
4Xiros, AlexM67364873135181459
Team 10: Team 10
1Hendler, JonM53324832151199581
2Denos, ShannonM55213120148184473
3Gazda, AlanaW70334371132194492
4McVey, ChaseM23305546184266687
5, VACANTM810012000
Team 11: Livin' On A Spare
1Butler, SelamawitW67364868135180492
2Bostic, PeggyW93212229106147382
3Polidore, HelenW60365176143200503
4Butler, LeahW58365231145188463
Team 12: Team 12
1White, RenaeW57334841146184532
2White, DeniseW67324323135191482
3White, TravisM53243643151202492
4McGuire, JustinM54274073150210514
5McGuire, TinaW10113127197127320
Team 13: Nine R Better
1Thompson, RaymondM32366297174242647
2Rogers, KarenW63365041140199495
3Thompson, BillM59365184144193480
4Rogers, TomM31366318175217589
Team 14: Balls Deep
1Gakeler, JohnM28366436178235656
2Taylor, WesleyM72273518130179471
3Jells, DietrichM42243913163220541
4Milligan, CharlesM8336664201269734
Team 15: Team 15
2Ruden, WilliamM16336344192279748
3Markworth, JustinM61365116142213525
4Barfield, KevinM2122492207258737
5Barnhill, BrettM18366816189255657
Team 16: Skid, Hook And Rollers
1Cope, DanM42335387163220557
2McClain, KathW63273789140171474
3Mays, SeanM39335505166225583
4Munday, DonM27335946180233637