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Mel's Lone Star Lanes
1010 North Austin Avenue
GeorgetownTX 78626

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Grin And Spare It
1Derossett, JenniferW78182224123156425
2Derossett, LaneM56152216147214486
3, VACANTM810012000
4Derossett, MattM58152189145190473
Team 2: Space Balls
1Cruz, TessaW63182523140168473
3Masterson, RachelW38152517167199538
4Masterson, WilliamM5183675204236662
Team 3: Cool Cats
1English, MaryW6381112139163431
2Raynor, CharlesM38152510167205553
3, VACANTM810012000
3, VACANTM810012000
4Fiedler, BenjamimM60152153143197511
Team 4: Stooges
1Stout, MattM56182663147184504
2, KerryM39203337166249598
3Saleheshtehardi, AmirM29203550177225583
4Naugle, MikeM37172866168215610
5Adkins, BillM6991200133202492
Team 5: You Could've Done Better
1Kelley, JohannaW903327109120327
2Allen, AngelaW79212575122159397
3Tolleson, NancyW90181965109130341
4Tolleson, JeremyM60213017143191467
5Kelley, DanM36183059169235577
Team 6: Blind Hog Leadin' Lucky Dogxx
2Keith, ToddM41152474164235576
3West, JohnM45213349159197523
4Bizzell, KavinM20122252187221602
5Esteves, DiegoM25213827182250651
Team 7: Alleycats
1Moon, KimberlyW97131338102124332
2Hennigan, RebaW75182268126159399
3Alff, VickieW87182043113147380
4Moon, JamieW50121850154181492
Team 8: Double Tap
1, VACANTM810012000
2, VACANTM810012000
3, VACANTM810012000
4, VACANTM810012000
Team 9: Bowllegged Hookers
1Bailey, LisaM65212897137170442
2Sorensen, KarenW72121564130164439
3Bailey, AveryW62162270141193503
4Sukup, AshleyW11716128380110262
Team 10: Knock 'Em Dowm
1Patterson, WilliamM10121205697160351
2Knight, ReginaW63212960140185470
3Walker, BrendaM50213248154214510
4Wood, CliffM20152815187235633
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