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McHenry Bowl
3700 McHenry Ave.
Modesto CA 95356

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Nine & A Wiggle
1Brady, BonnieW41426476154198535
2Santwier, SharonW33365870163201530
3Long, JimM46334912148181497
4Henson, CandiceW23427336174213583
Team 2: Retired
1LoSquadro, BobM57364905136172442
2Davalos, PeterM27427167170244636
3Marsh, RobbieM35213398161182513
4Douglas, NathanM536880141182485
Team 3: One Pin Short
1Pinol, TerryW46395788148195492
2Lewis, JasonM36426678159279579
3Lewis, ChrissyW37426660158201533
4Pinol, BruceM25366214172224600
Team 4: Team 4
1Martis, MikeM27396650170219564
2Bailey, SheyenneW36386058159232551
3Waring, EddieM0327171224300781
4Hackett, ChrisM0398205210258754
5Hackett, SharlieneW396968156190526
Team 5: Turkey Squad
1Ball, CodyM0428480201268674
2Walker, BrianM49395671145213533
3Patterson, DonM16427672182257626
4Chavez, EdwardM28427091168207599
Team 6: 3 Guys & A Gal-2Nd Half Winner
1MacPherson, KellyM0429369223297770
2Baucom, MarthaW29396534167225624
3Gaspar, JoseM2397694197256698
4Reposar, DarrinM0428723207278734
Team 7: Team 7-1St Half Winner
1Mitchell (L), AngieW48334818146197508
2Mitchell, JadenM36365775160246627
3Mitchell, TravisM20335864177236644
4Palavos, PaulM4428191195278644
5Palavos, CherriW4991309145174467
Team 9: Team 9
1Maxey, KimW70334047122174453
2Maxey (RH), SkipM72212511119166428
3Brown, JanetW45274025149228524
4Brown, TimM0275542205279690
Team 10: Date Night
1Kompir, VenusW46395780148202524
2Kompir, MikeM62364742131178452
3Machado, BradM61334380132176461
4Machado, KylerM0153353223300719
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