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McHenry Bowl
3700 McHenry Ave.
Modesto CA 95356

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: New Trendz Salon-#
1Hancock, TravisM189919817200266714
2Moscato, CharW629013632151201516
3Hancock, CarolW379917628178235605
4Lucero, AlM378815682178245633
5Hancock, TracyM199518864198288692
6Hancock, AustinM20021700
Team 2: Team Rad
1, VACANTW810013000
2Jiminez, JesseM12533267881119299
3Eresman, JeriW717410491141197494
4Clayton, JaysonM499315388165268639
5Kolsters, BrianM327213279184260633
Team 3: Iitywimwybmad-##/###
1Escamilla, LisaW539315024161213569
2Cleary, KellyW599013934154223546
3Escamilla, AugieM348615718182248641
4Cleary, JoeM349316946182244611
5Garner, LarryM118116780207279697
Team 4: Let's Go !
1Prater, JustinaW929010598117179422
2Gutierrez, VinceM102697338106170405
3Bingham, JenniferW102565976106151372
4Prater, DavidM469315693168233600
5Kluball, KevinM438414513172256622
Team 5: The Family
1Driver, CurtisM528714095162238589
2Smoke, DeannW476010065167231586
3Blomdahl, CyndiW88809821122201501
4Earn, ScottM546310101160218553
5Blomdahl, EdM539615457161224563
6Earn, GinaW12624192880116282
Team 6: 3Rd Man Out
1Carter, RonM459315791169254616
2Stebbing, CatieW94698002115186415
3Stebbing, MonaW778110875134183472
4Ridenour, JimM819312139130189498
5Amirkhanian, NoelM497512427165236581
6Amirkhanian, MeghanW92242808117149367
Team 7: Leo Muncrief Const
1, VACANTW810013000
2Patrick, KellyM517412107163234611
3Cochran, SeanM546610510159211557
4Corthell, SteveM72223089140178501
5Akers, JasonM539315062161229587
Team 8: Lickity Split
1, VACANTM810013000
2, VACANTW810013000
3Glushenko, FaronM729313005139213540
4Frisby, MikeM389917559177245621
5Mills, JeffM178517106201289668
Team 9: Cent. Valley Automotive
1, VACANTM810013000
2Dow, NealM808411053131232515
3Roberts, SarahW88546602122155419
4Cozby, TenaW579314585156214530
5Simas, EddieM548413439159247573
6Simas, TamiW1023360106130360
Team 10: Team 11-Wild Card
1Rosenke, CharmenW56589125157202538
2Rosenke, MikeM499014876165246566
3Heune, LanceM438414469172245682
4Kennedy, GeneM469616192168215600
5Rosenke, ChrisM188416843200287740
6Heune, StevenM73587212212587
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