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Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 09/05/2019
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/17/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: #1 Just 4 Fun
1Anglo, AlexaM11630275891136321
2Pond, KristinaW85273393125172423
3Pond, FredM92364231117180408
4Inferrera, DanM78364823133183483
Team 2: #2 We Try Harder
1Martinez, TinaW50365922164214582
2Jacobson, LoyetteW66273946146186489
3Spencer, LeeM45122047170205557
4Jacobson, JakeM9367524209268708
Team 3: #3 Half Racked
1Sanders, DebbieW58345293155224523
2Hupping, DeniseW72304217140179451
3Vaca, TonyM59304637154192538
4Jackson, EricM55264116158225551
Team 4: #4 In Spare We Trust
1Gaynor, KevinM70243409142196484
2Voorheis, TracyM63365388149201487
3Ramage, RobertM39213698176229605
4Peterson, TonyM38335865177255594
Team 5: #5 Team 5
1Valdez, JosephM63304485149205539
2Thien, DanM54365751159247600
3Thien, JohnM83303812127183433
4Tuggle, DienaW83243063127162436
5Tuggle, BrianM61121829152179482
Team 6: #6 Who Cares
1Yeck, PaulaW98303333111143389
2Rebeiro, CindyW68334779144210475
4Rebeiro, JoeM14367347204280685
Team 7: #7 Get A Grip
1Fredrick, AnnaW91364274118163413
2Morley, KathyW63274063150185528
3Lance, MattM41122092174215572
4Stevens, JeffM26336332191254674
Team 8: #8 Spare Me
1DaRonco, DottieW91303543118137387
2Yager, LeeM67334804145214494
3Yager, EricM77334453134172483
4Aranda, LauraW83303827127183475
Team 9: #9- Ladies + Ding Dongs
1Hyles, RonM60335070153210545
2Cervantez, DanielM69304298143199498
3Schaal, PamW30285214186247643
4Coleman, JasmineW15306099203258731
5Padilla, CaferinaW736867138159435
6Padilla, MarioM83605211225605
Team 10: #10 Always Gone
1Hansen, PatriciaW60213219153198530
2Marshall, JenniferW69304292143174476
3Hansen, DavidM55182859158193532
4Marshall, BryanM29305634187245622
Team 11: #11 Loony Goons
1Lang, KyleM36305419180236635
2Lang, NickM36335935179235610
3Rossi, RonM86273350124169444
4Lang, DannyM19305953198268632
Team 12: #12 Team 12
1Silva III., WayneM000000
1Williams Jr., JuanM000000
1Uganiza, RoyM64365348148199495
2Onate, RozW52335377162223571
3Alvarado, DennisM43183096172224559
4Uganiza, CirilM35244359181231593
5Alvarado, VincentM53182901161221572
Team 13: #13 Lucky 13
1DePrater, MarkM106212151102135359
2DePrater, PattyW72273757139174460
3DePrater, CherylW93242800116145398
4DePrater, CarlM43244144172236583
Team 14: #14 Team 14
1, VACANTM630015000