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League ID: 111358

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Bowls at:
Love House Community Bowling Center
1140 Ribaut Rd
BeaufortSC 29902

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

Team 1: The Gamblers
1McGEE, SARAHW93242553106151352
2DEMARCO, SUSANW70151985132174417
3DEMARCO, NICKM48152352156177501
4ZIMMERMAN, FRANW57213067146223514
Team 2: Freeze Frame
1PELLA, SANDYW81242892120170433
3CONDRON, SAMMIEW61121709142177471
4CONDRON, TOMM20244496187246669
5PELLA, JOHNM0245019209287734
Team 3: He's Back
1GALEOTAFIORE, HARRYM61212991142183461
2SCOTT, HEAVYM11244728197245690
3DIETZ, STEVENM34213629172220569
4GALEOTAFIORE, JEFFM15244636193268696
Team 4: Legends Of Ribault
1LEWIS, JERRYM19183399188245638
2CABANISS, LIONELM41243941164236548
3BOYKIN, GENEM36244096170217583
4YUHAS, TOMM19244521188247616
Team 5: Ravens
1THEODORE, MISS TW59213034144203472
2DEER, JOELM56243539147178476
3NORMAN, EARNESTINEW63212940140175469
3, VACANTW810012000
4FAULKNER, WILLIEM54243602150190545
Team 6: Eagles
1COWAN, JIM JAMESM69212803133161429
2HAYES, MAYBELLW56182651147181500
3SAPP, JIMM63243379140191486
4, VACANTM810012000
4, VACANTM810012000
4JENKINS, JAMESM8244843201279681
Team 7: Daps
1HEAPE, PATRICIAW63243369140179480
2HEAPE, DARRELLM72243098129172458
3COWAN, SAMW90242646110143387
4HEAPE, ARTIEM75182270126159419
Team 8: Living On A Spare
1BROWN, JOHNM43243905162202532
2PRINGLE, THERESAW68212819134159425
3HARVEY, VERONICAW54243616150206495
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