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Lord Calvert Bowl
Rt. 4 North
HuntingtownMD 20639

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Garner's Gang
1Garner, JeffM52426413152191513
2Cullember, BethW56243537147182495
3Garner, DevinM49396055155196552
4Garner, PaulM19427927188238627
Team 2: Slamma Jamma
1Quade, KevinM34427234172223614
2Miedzinski, RyanM10139381397136361
3Murphy IV., JoeyM32396811174226626
4Murphy III., JoeM10367161198257702
Team 3: No Clue
1Ziehl, DickM536909151156457
2Russell, GeorgiaW56304418147172461
3King, VickiW66425749136194477
4Thompson, RickM31366325175242604
5DiPreta, JerryM42426849163226568
Team 4: Clippers
1Phelps, PhilM77151872124169434
2Brown, DebraW75243043126158440
3Buettner, LorenM81425066120195429
4Strong, JohnM23152764184278628
5Brown, DonM49396053155201522
6Hargrove, EricM59365184144184508
Team 5: Rich's Angels
1Clark, KathyW79394777122186449
2Cornish, RichM79394777122164417
3Hyatt, TracyW54395862150200541
4Bennett, PhyllisW34305173172221576
Team 6: Team Whatever
1Crisman, JaredM61334716142190493
2Turner, VincentM65395366137179466
3Parker, KennyM71425541131200456
4Badeaux, AaronM25427658182287641
Team 7: Summer Breeze
1Miller, MikeM88424720112150389
2Bucior, JoeM73364620128158419
3Eldredge, DannyW82424971118151392
4Ramseur, ConnieW50426507154186511
Team 8: Cookies N' Cream
1Lucas, KennyM58385529145196516
2Johnson, TravinM80425087121163412
3Jones, DellM46396170158253641
4Hotchkiss, JohnM8428471201267701
Team 9: Lucky Chicks
1Smith, ReneeW63425915140191479
2Buettner, CathyW77425236124162415
3Smith, ShannonW74425359127198438
4Wimmer, TammyW64364984138174462
Team 10: 4 Guys With Lots Of Balls
1Stewart, TomM30427415176245614
2Mathews, BrentM21336139186245597
3Lusk, DeanM21397280186247630
4Tillett Sr., TimM9397785199258694
Team 11: Tcb
1Culver, AlexM43396347162223603
2Culver, JacobM72364656129163439
3Culver, LoraW72425455129186482
4Culver, ScottM39427009166230555
Team 12: Ruby's Team
1king, ChristineW30366366176236595
2Jones, RubyW77425240124148414
3Wilson, DavidM30335837176245639
4King, StephenM0367770215288746
Team 13: Team 13
1McGrath, DonM26366520181237629
2Taylor, PatM66212867136198477
3Deans, HollyM10415142294132343
4Deans, MattM103328695113286
Team 14: Droppin Dimes
1Delia, WesM32335773174214597
2Dyess, BrianM39335494166242606
3Disque, DarnellM55304468148203486
4Whitney, KennyM15305791193244636
Team 15: Girls On A Roll
1Lloyd, TerriW74425360127169442
2Hood, SueW67395292135175467
3Graves, TamiW45365755159213538
4Williams, LoriW45426733160196529
Team 16: Wrong Lane
1Phelps Jr., EdM34427243172225618
2Hood, JohnM45396271160198546
3Spence, MelM10397746198258703
4Phelps, TonyM1398118208258665
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