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Lord Calvert Bowl
Rt. 4 North
HuntingtownMD 20639

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Team 1: Just For Fun
1Lohmar, GoldieW97243178132198454
2Russell, GeorgiaW59274717174224576
3DiPreta, JerryM58274740175222612
4Lohmar, JerryM43244622192252646
Team 2: Over The Line
1Cooke, BettyW58274733175226586
2Terry, CarolW83182661147201508
3Tyler, JenW72274294159215559
4Tyler, PaulM55183206178277697
Team 3: Team 3
1Ziehl, DickM54274876180266588
2Hutchins, SteveM59274712174286610
3Reid, LarryM56254435177264607
4Thompson, RickM24214489213300755
Team 4: Team 4
1Logan, JerryM12184073226268765
2Spence, MelM11276131227278780
3Phelps, TonyM0215265250300841
4Esposito, LarryM0245742239300809
Team 5: Newbie
1McGrath, DonM26214450211244678
2Somerville, TonyM68182960164222576
3Schofield, ChipM84182631146257507
4, VACANTM810015000
Team 6: Team 6
1, VACANTM810015000
2, VACANTM810015000
3, VACANTM810015000
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