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Linn Lanes Bowl
635 E Linn St
CantonIL 61520

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team Anderson
1Anderson, LandisM59365417150218576
2Anderson, DaveM18305962198298740
3Hood, DillonM13122453204274735
4Anderson, DavidM29213887185268640
Team 2: Pekin Trophy
1Poland, AbeM1398510218300717
2Moore (R), DanM0306937231300790
3Parsano, RonM14367309203256674
Team 3: Linn Lanes
1White, JulieW0306681222300743
2White, TylerM0214949235266794
3Williams, JustinM0368087224300786
4Seward, BrenenM9306287209277730
Team 4: Strike Force
1Hauk, RickM85333973120189445
2Hauk, AndreaW10939355791137331
3Bitner, BenM38396856175278675
Team 5: Flynn's Auto Parts
1Flynn, DaveM14367329203265690
2Lingenfelter, DonnieM0398554219300759
3Link, TimM0399351239300838
4Link, BreanneW623441147175441
Team 6: Hoosierdaddies
1Baker, AustinM51365786160236620
2Coon, ChrisM31397166183266655
3Bradford, AustinM850012000
4Carpenter, CodyM873353117134353
5Ward, DustinM56335069153220567
6Jany, LarryM733403134185403
Team 7: Team 7
1Gaines, PatrickM34274884180254603
2Rosenberg, TrevorM0183979221300817
3Haile, EvanM0184691260300868
4Taylor, SamM693414138167414
Team 8: Solid Gold
1Oller, SarahW35396967178264634
2Clendenny, LauraW34366450179267596
3Courtney, DaveyM0367975221287830
4Courtney, MitchellM123617205229617
Team 9: Team 9
1Anderson, KarlieW34274856179238646
2Parrish, RuthW31285142183240609
3Johnston, DevonM64304320144207482
4Sheffer, EmilyW4061035172252562
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