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PierreSD 57501

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Cactus Jack's A's
1Miller, DougM67243262135192441
2Witt, DustinM27183234179222580
3Macy, MarcM846699116127364
4Gronlund, EricM3361040173197526
5Wegleitner, PaulM3991500166191543
6McRae, RoderickM606860143184462
7Brakke, ColbyM686806134185425
8Gustafson, BrianM49243722155189496
9Wendte, JimM60182578143200464
10Perkovich, MikeM24305501183225637
Team 2: Hire-A-Husband
1Dayton, DeeneM24213846183234630
2Mikkelsen, KellyM21213924186255634
3Mikkelsen, NateM29183195177266599
4Withers, TrentM23621207227621
5Brech, AdamM55152231148182488
6Keyes, JimM18183406189255683
7Mikkelsen, JerryM29274794177225596
8Krogstrand, JohnM2122495207256651
9Regynski, BillM15305817193265677
Team 3: Oahe Federal Credit Union
1Hoerner, LeroyM51213214153188522
2Hoerner, PaulM30122114176207555
3Deis, AndyM46274272158212556
4Peters, JeffM38244017167203557
5Hyde, JimM16275194192235622
6Otkin, GregM9336586199247674
7Hoerner, MikeM270018000
Team 4: Forterra Pipe & Precast
2Sitter, DanM69152001133197524
3Bollinger, RyonM82212493118142406
4Buscher, NateM53213184151214520
5Madden, DaveM49182792155211534
6Iverson, JohnM74151910127185439
7Kerr, SteveM6791216135170428
8Pollard, RyanM4891411156200509
9Lampy, AndyM45182875159211519
10Lorenz, CodyM720013000
Team 5: Bankwest
1Merriam, RickM52274115152212555
2Litton, MarkM46274277158202513
3Hoepfer, DonaldM37335549168212562
4Lumby, NickM18275128189238631
5Cherney, MattM0306549218296704
6Burger, PatM636845140158446
7Mills, BrianM3761012168188520
8Hubbert, AndyM750012600
9Peterson, LarryM490015500
Team 6: Brosz Engineering
1Gilsrud, TomM38213514167212532
2Berheim, JustinM78182224123149415
3Kallemeyn, TomM30244241176236618
4Englund, BrianM32335774174229600
5Crawford, WayneM193546188193546
6Jordan, TravisM3183712206268680
7Englund, MattM14275238194268713
8Bonhorst, BradM42121960163209530
9Goeden, KevinM5391360151181469
Team 7: Cactus Jack's #1
1Gustafson, DerekM34183104172204561
2Baatz, FredM46121902158181517
3Marsh, JeremyM109326588107265
4Everson, CurtM48121880156184499
6Decker, DougM72273502129184444
7Schall, TimM66212861136171468
8Gengler, JoelM54334938149201477
9Berg, EarlM5191385153187503
10Kost, TannerM3691523169244560
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