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Lake Geneva Lanes
192 W Main St
Lake GenevaWI 53147-1920

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Culvers
1Kirch, ChrisM766813135166437
2Graziano, BrentM883366122134366
3Heelein, BrandonM806789131147407
4Hillary, AndrewM6061026153211573
5Nicholas, JerryM3061117186241592
Team 2: Schiller Lawn &
1Creighton, DaveM2361002194193564
2Jende, MikeM2461013193213546
3Amborn, JustinM313551185197551
5Bayer, JamesM203579197225579
6Nurnberg, CliffM23712217278712
7Linemann, JeremyM203591197211591
Team 3: Mckinny & Sons
1Schulz, JimM526931162164483
2Kabat, RayM486891166167463
3Martin, AllenM3661041179195557
5McKinney, RichardM336978183192509
Team 4: J P Hut Solution
1Hutkowski, AnthonyM526809162157423
2Achilli, SamM433498172182498
3Engelhardt, DavidM2461067193214573
4Hutkowski, JerryM2561125192212569
5Brick, BobM1161130207231580
6Matushek, DonM323552184194552
7Schimming, TomM530016100
8LaBarbera, AnthonyM370017800
Team 5: Touch Of Class
1Schaufel, RogerM2961132187201567
2Lueck, MikeM4761013167218561
3Thomas, TimM503490164186490
4Kanabay, EdM1561314203279713
5Barhyte, BenM1661062202201553
6Connolly, TomM540016000
7Carlson, BartM690014300
8Bauman, DaleM523488162190488
Team 6: American Legion
1Miller, BobM366915180170471
2Blood, RayM540015900
3Jegerski, LenM396944176191534
4Flasch, SteveM513489163191489
5Liner, JeffM3361015183210531
6Carstensen, RonM433483172184483
7Schlehlein, CharlesM316904185174455
Team 7: Mac's Storage
1Thompson, JohnM320018400
2Skipper, RichM2961074187199573
3Bain, TomM1461243204245640
4Thompson, WesleyM296894187174457
5Rude, CharlieM961296209276663
6Dukes, JimM716850141186459
7Zumpano, TimmyM540016000
Team 8: Echelon Design
1Cunningham, MikeM313525185213525
2Belanus, ZachM2961173187235596
3Clemons, DylanM263639191230639
4Clemons, GaryM1661177202227613
5Bogard, JesseM46998215228544
6Crawford, JayM303559186198559
7Crawford, RobertM613458152155458
Team 9: Larry's Towing
1Wallace, JoshM446991171197531
2Dade, DanM4561059169208531
3Schinker, MattM446922171164471
4Schinker, TimM426836173179445
5Wojciechowski, JimM2061240197256670
6Pelka, DonM320018400
Team 10: Basso Builders
1Hough, AnthonyM3361096183210569
2Steppke, ToddM4561006169197512
3Ditzenberger, DonaldM1661333202290704
4Hillary, GuyM1761140201226572
5Basso, JoshM961025210198520
6Hillary, ShaunM390017600
7Burress, DeweyM540016000
8Strong, MichaelM540016000
Team 11: Mccarthy Livesto
1Adams, DonM4161070174202550
2VanKeuren, TraceyM506985164188499
3Johnson, WayneM2361249194236652
4Draeger, ScottM276941190181504
5McCarthy, RichardM163669202235669
7Zillmer, BillM340018200
Team 12: Dales Remodeling
1Kluge, RickM516905163173497
2Peterson, DennyM476976167192540
3Ramsdell, SkipM456993170188506
4Grampo, DaleM2261200195230604
5Ramsdell, MattM2761122190194574
6Erickson, JimM540016000
7Bathery, BobM540016000
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