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192 W Main St
Lake GenevaWI 53147-1920
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Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 08/26/2019
Start Time: 6:50 PM
Last Updated: 1/15/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Knuckles Deep
1Matkin, KeithM59396644170220570
2Zumpano, TimmyM68365728159224528
3Engelhardt, DavidM40397518192267730
4Labarbera, AnthonyM45366737187247625
Team 2: Dairy Queens
1Dusing, JerricaW57396730172224574
2Belanus, SheriW65396366163202553
3Klabunde, KarenW56396766173224607
4Walczak, RobinW62335500166209545
Team 3: Larry's Towing
1Miller, KimW102384594120169399
2Norton Sr., DarrelM79365289146211529
3Harvey, ScottM67335316161212532
4Norton Jr., DarrelM66396349162234556
5Stryjewski, RichM503543181208543
6Stryjewski, ZackeryM760015000
Team 4: Fuckin 10 Pin
1Stoffel, TimM60366100169245599
2Linhart, ScottM57366213172234609
3Kordosky, AshleyW49336037182224590
4Chapman, KennyM49397112182254600
5Linhart, NicholasM65152453163227551
Team 5: Mis - Splits
1Coser, SandyW79395721146177492
2Chambers, SandraW94364664129210490
3Coser, DickM79395698146194481
4Genens, CrystalW79395695146187494
Team 6: Miller Lite
1Herner, LisaW42397416190253693
2Anderson, LeRoyM79365298147189505
3Guske, JohnM62244012167232529
4Guske Jr., FrankM56213644173221591
5Mielke, MikeM102333929119189435
Team 7: Foremost Electri
1Taylor, TerryW107343847113155399
2Chilson, MartaW117303064102127353
3Laubinger, KatherineW83273857142207491
4Dietschweiler, MeredithW79395721146199487
Team 8: Tubby's Too
1Domalik, StanleyM84334667141188515
2Brellenthin, CalliW97394896125174441
3Reiley, GaryM86364983138188477
4Zink, KimW59396664170215566
Team 9: Make America Bowl Again
1Schulz Jr., JimM66365865162220575
2Basso, NeilM71396098156233591
3Cartina, MikeM63243965165241599
4Cartina, MarcoM57295009172223562
5Martin, AllenM55193343175232613
Team 10: Team 10
1Kuhn, TomM87212891137177460
2Yendel, WallyM79334864147190510
3Kuhn, VinceM88395336136200516
4Pimbel, WalterM90395194133173462
5McBride, MikeM67243884161252549
Team 11: Team 11
1Bailey, EmilyW102364293119177440
2Baum, GaryM96303829127175427
3Cooper, BrandonM94334275129178448
4Dahme, BrianM47305536184233639
5Stevens, JennyW1083337112122337
6Hurt, AnthonyM956771128154406
Team 12: Bowlinstones
1Thiel, SusanW102394670119188429
2Thiel, JakeM73396002153210564
3Morelli, RyanM108394377112167395
4Courteau, KevinM61396586168245614
Team 13: Ed It"S Not What You Think
1Cummings, DeanM55244216175214571
2Bonni, MikeM72365583155219516
3Belanus, ZachM39366998194279719
4Clemons, AshleyW34306012200255665
5Beard, AlecM253631210258631
6Clemons, DylanM343599199211599
7Laplant, MikeM8091306145238478
Team 14: Team 14
1Boss, JohnM74304570152232585
2King, RonM82365148143190477
3Rothery, TomM55274731175233593
4Kabat, RayM65365885163211551