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Lake Geneva Lanes
192 W Main St
Lake GenevaWI 53147-1920

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Knuckles Deep
1Matkin, KeithM62304987166220560
2Zumpano, TimmyM73274182154205522
3Engelhardt, DavidM43305693189267730
4Labarbera, AnthonyM45275056187247625
Team 2: Dairy Queens
1Dusing, JerricaW58305151171224574
2Belanus, SheriW66304882162202553
3Klabunde, KarenW55305257175224607
4Walczak, RobinW63274477165209545
Team 3: Larry's Towing
1Miller, KimW102303580119162389
2Norton Sr., DarrelM80273919145211529
3Harvey, ScottM68243819159212506
4Norton Jr., DarrelM65304897163234556
5Stryjewski, RichM503543181208543
6Stryjewski, ZackeryM760015000
Team 4: Fuckin 10 Pin
1Stoffel, TimM59305101170245599
2Linhart, ScottM62274494166208580
3Kordosky, AshleyW51274884180224590
4Chapman, KennyM51305411180233595
5Linhart, NicholasM6091526169227551
Team 5: Mis - Splits
1Coser, SandyW79304426147177492
2Chambers, SandraW93273518130210490
3Coser, DickM81304322144194457
4Genens, CrystalW82304315143187494
Team 6: Miller Lite
1Herner, LisaW45305635187253693
2Anderson, LeRoyM77304473149189505
3Guske, JohnM63182981165232525
4Guske Jr., FrankM56183145174221591
5Mielke, MikeM107242727113189409
Team 7: Foremost Electri
1Taylor, TerryW109252792111155393
2Chilson, MartaW118272728101127353
3Laubinger, KatherineW81182605144207491
4Dietschweiler, MeredithW80304363145199487
Team 8: Tubby's Too
1Brellenthin, CalliW96303792126174441
2Domalik, StanleyM88243285136184467
3Zink, KimW57305188172215566
4Reiley, GaryM88273674136174477
Team 9: Make America Bowl Again
1Schulz Jr., JimM68304786159213554
2Basso, NeilM68304783159233591
3Cartina, MikeM62183021167241599
4Cartina, MarcoM59233912170211562
5Martin, AllenM56162775173225613
Team 10: Team 10
1Kuhn, TomM93121571130177446
2Yendel, WallyM78304445148190510
3Kuhn, VinceM90304041134200516
4Pimbel, WalterM93303913130165428
5McBride, MikeM68182867159252549
Team 11: Team 11
1Bailey, EmilyW107273086114168394
2Baum, GaryM96212683127158427
3Dahme, BrianM52213747178233585
4Cooper, BrandonM92243161131178448
5Stevens, JennyW1083337112122337
6Hurt, AnthonyM956771128154406
Team 12: Bowlinstones
1Thiel, SusanW104303539117161429
2Thiel, JakeM75304555151210564
3Morelli, RyanM108303368112167395
4Courteau, KevinM64304949164218564
Team 13: Ed It"S Not What You Think
1Belanus, ZachM44305667188233633
2Bonni, MikeM73304628154219516
3Clemons, AshleyW38214101195244628
4Beard, AlecM253631210258631
5Cummings, DeanM51213783180214571
6Clemons, DylanM343599199211599
Team 14: Team 14
1Boss, JohnM79213092147191515
2King, RonM84273828141190463
3Rothery, TomM52244278178233593
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