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Lake Geneva Lanes
192 W Main St
Lake GenevaWI 53147-1920

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Half & Half
1Atkinson, TynanM307514008186269683
2Wakeley, BraydinM80759825131204469
3Wakely, HunterM367814024179243626
4Alberts, JustinM337513776183279666
Team 2:
1Sowiak, PatrickM517812724163237552
2Kronke, HannahW66517472146192497
3Klabunde, LukeM80212756131160436
4, VacantM720014000
Team 3: Go Hard Or Go Home
1Hansen, JoshM99758256110173394
2Bockhop, NathanM12069595686136332
3, VACANTM720014000
4, VACANTM720014000
Team 4: Destroy Ya
1Benson, MichaelM93607002116186475
2Jacobs, SeanM100788499108167377
3, VACANTM720014000
4, VACANTM720014000
Team 5: Square Up
1DiFiore, KaidenM51609829163253608
2Lussmyer, SeanM84486078126172442
3McCarthy, LandenM647411017148216538
4Danno, VinnyM25234429192270690
Team 6: Jamie's Abc's
1Howell, AlanM677510904145223540
2Smith, JamiW11172693396134331
3Sandoval, IsmaelM101788365107190396
4Vitullo, BenjaminM96728162113172432
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