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347 SW State Road 247
Lake CityFL 32055
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Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/13/2019
Start Time: 9:30 AM
Last Updated: 1/15/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Spare Us
2Adams, LindaW78383910102137362
3Huddleston, ElsieW62485903122168451
4Clampett, KarenW33487627158195537
Team 2: High Five
1Daniels, JudyW50334533137165442
2Sherrer, AnitaW60344246124167439
3Schneiders, DonnaW79484876101132351
4Moss, CharleneW60485966124160416
Team 3: Silver Ladies
1Black, SandraW48456305140180472
2Brown, RoseW8946405788120325
3Woods, HarrietW66455301117149402
4Herndon, LindaW48273766139179481
Team 4: G.R.I.T.S.+1
1Vest, BarbaraW62455496122180466
2Smith, KarenW3691388154210545
3Harper, MariaW55486335131193466
4Davis-Cobb, AmyW60425256125168447
Team 5: Ten In The Pit
1Hollingsworth, IdaW20488357174224592
2Andrews, LindaW52486509135179462
3Call, DorotheeW58334210127180433
4Mears, SusanW52486443134184483
Team 6: Babs
1Richardson, PamelaW69151700113180410
2Croenne, MichelleW68424845115160392
3Francis, BethW50486601137184472
4Smith, LucyW60485994124179464
Team 7: Sandpipers
1Carmichael, ElizabethW44486956144190497
2Baker, VickiW61212587123155444
3Hood, RaeleneW48486763140198480
4Deyampert, GloriaW37426446153235534
Team 8: Four Shady Beaches
1Peters, MaryW8546431793122329
2Lutes, HollyW60364509125189461
3Cartier, KimberlyW56425473130168453
4Wilson, TraciW51456159136183445
Team 9: Here For The Fun
1Jones, MaryW48365008139176455
2Rowan, JenniferW8936317288126341
3Patterson, KellyW69273052113149364
4Meek, AngelaW44486917144191530