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347 SW State Road 247
Lake CityFL 32055
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Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 08/15/2019
Start Time: 1:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/17/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: O 2 Cool
1OLIVER, LINDAW52486858142211482
2BATTLE, MAGGIEW52456412142181497
3YATES, RICM26478046171214595
4MULLIGAN, GEORGEM38487571157192544
Team 2: Gamblers
1ATWOOD, LOUISEW49486981145182483
2FINLEY, YVONNEW60486396133202465
3AVERY, ALLISONM53486798141172481
4HAYWARD, EARLM51456476143201519
Team 3: Joan's Crew
1CARMAN, JOANW72485803120161443
2BRICKETT, GENEM55486657138175468
3STARLING `., LARRYM32304946164212582
4PRICE, BILLM45456742149188514
Team 4: Wild Things
1GRIMSLEY JR., JAMESM39487505156227552
2YOUNG, DIEDRIW44487281151201521
3DEYAMPERT, GLORIAW36487675159207560
4MEYERS, ROSSM39487514156203539
Team 5: "4" For The Money
1DAVIS-COBB, AMYW72455424120171421
2EVERT, DEBIW74212471117145392
3YOUNG, TOMM35487756161211571
4EVERT, LEEM29427039167221563
Team 6: Four Fun
1NEMETH, ELAINEW45456760150201497
2MEEHAN, JUDYW39487497156210555
3DUNCAN, PEGGYW47487063147205494
4DUNCAN, DAVEM4305874195255671
Team 7: Holy Rollers
1HALE, PATW64486182128168436
2GLOVER, SANDRAW64486145128179422
3PRINCIPATO, MYRTLEW74424948117146414
4HALE, GERALDM70455498122167417
Team 8: Hooligans
1POSEY, JANIEW85363784105153355
2CANALEJO, DIORISW9233322897127329
3CANALEJO, RENEM37396181158240572
4BOYD, DONALDM40487458155203543
Team 9: You're Up
1WALTERS, GEORGEM36426736160213541
2CARMICHAEL, ELEIZBETHW57456122136179494
3SESSIONS, MARISAW57364906136203471
4JOHNS, WAYNEM32487919164219537
Team 10: 3 S's And A Railroad
1STANFIELD, JACKM47456619147193511
2STANFIELD, SUSANW101326187102261
3SANDERS, JUDYW73485688118153438
4ROSE, RANDYM46334902148195497
Team 11: Ageless Wonders
1JOY, DEBORAHW58456113135170452
2MOORE, BETTYW45487165149196508
3MOORE, GENEM54192671140189467
4JOY, DAVIDM31457430165222545
Team 12: Suwannee Four
1RITTER, VYW72455374119173448
2WAYNE, TERRYW57395327136212458
3RITTER, DANM38457084157207527
4DOLLY, BILLM18488645180245642
Team 13: Team 13
1DEROSA, ELLIEW10436302784120290
2TURNER, PEARLW78394426113173416
3BREWER, WINTONM56486597137200452
4TUNING, GEORGEM45487239150199550
Team 14: Rollers In Rockers
1SKULLY, JANAKAW83485139107173435
2PEELER, WILLIAMM41487436154230533
3COLEMAN, BILLM11397298187268660
4SKULLY JR.., BLASEM3489419196244660
Team 15: Pin Pals
1KING, MARY ANNW61486353132180480
2JASTRZEMBSKI, SHERRIW70334029122168420
3LORD, HOPEW50395636144179474
4LORD, GERALDM27396609169224585
Team 16: The Right Team
1TANNER, ANGELAW57486531136189485
2GREENE, DAVIDM54395488140225499
3DAVIS, PHILIPM50486937144190507
4LAMBO, DANNYM20427460177244656