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7638 NE Bothell Way
KenmoreWA 98028
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Bowls On: Saturdays
Start Date: 09/07/2019
Start Time: 6:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/13/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Spare Nuts
1Rasmussen, ShannonW74213073146199519
2Valdiva, JenicaW109212342111153426
3Morrison, ChadM75182619145202513
4Rasmussen, CraigM48213616172244553
Team 2: Split Nuts
1Rasmussen, RobinW95212633125156429
3Rasmussen, KevinM39213808181205600
5Morrison, TravisM84131769136180478
Team 3: The Coconuts
1Blevins, ConnieW91212725129161414
1, Vacant 1000012000
2McNeill, KristinW91151936129165419
3McNeill, ToddM86121612134166431
4Blevins, TimM62152381158192505
Team 4: Macadamia Nuts
1Nagel, ReneeW112202178108154393
2Sleister, LindaW87212796133174464
3Nagel, CliffM58213417162212537
4Sleister, RickM62213321158203580
Team 5: 3 Nuts & A Bolt
1Millette, ShawnaW92182318128181405
2Williams, JakeM36152770184224626
3Mcgrew, BradM34173176186236683
3, Vacant 1000012000
4Millette, JeremyM14183721206279754
Team 6: Salty Nuts
1Rasmussen, JoanW87172263133165429
2Miller, RobinW85212835135158447
3Garthy, JohnnyM67213220153183527
4Atterson, MatM66172630154194557
Team 7: Cashew Later
1Beier, LindaW86182419134156437
2Beier, MikeM72182677148183487
3DeBolt, JanW73121766147186487
4DeBolt, MikeM48213624172212565
Team 8: Nuttin' But Strikes
1Townsend, BeckyW89121577131151433
2Rizzuto, DonelleW57182949163208533
3Rizzuto, JerryM34183359186243637
4Townsend, RobM30122290190248606
Team 9: Nutless
1Muller-Cohn, AidanM20214207200255669
2Creel, MichaelM15214323205279694
3Peterson, JakeM36213864184232605
4Mangiarelli, ChambreW8091268140188466
Team 10: Completely Nuts
1Wilcox, JasonM71182690149206491
2Sallee, JenniferW101212512119152378
3Sallee, RickM50213577170207547
4Wilcox, CariW120121210100121327
Team 11: Allergic To Nuts
1Goergen, BradM82152073138183457
2Goergen, CindyW104182100116155399
3Buter, LeslieW656934155213525
4Morrison, GregM616954159201520