League Standings High Rollers Summer '18

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high-rollers-summer-18: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 29
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
16Adult Emporium 2451871 %126.58897881810722955
222Gutter Butter382560 %110703610138522291
31Meetings Are Stu372659 %89777678389392651
43Growlerz362757 %110761642779102509
543 Yes 2 No352856 %1239478211310753029
67Max's Madames352856 %94642572097962122
720B.F.D.?352856 %95719635008772502
815I'd Tap That333052 %1259978684911503238
916The Incredibowls323151 %99860747839712744
1010Sabaya323151 %102761641219202621
1114Sparkly Balls323151 %104681588107772174
1212Social Gutterflies323151 %82617502667312017
1317Gogogadgetboobs313249 %1058367453110252923
1411Don't Just Count On Curtis303348 %1168827612410282757
155Nope Not Today303348 %1088987801510873129
162Get 'Em From Beh293446 %101729620508702404
178Glory Bowls293446 %82661531487962162
1821We Bowl, She Drink263741 %86.5715639718782473
199Adult Emporium #263741 %93667578637492101
2019Spare Me253840 %97518465676951851
2118Pinned Down243938 %99694589237672186
2213Ursula's Playthi194430 %78698590378232225
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