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high-rollers: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 23
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
13Growlerz19290 %93763510179102509
26Adult Emporium 217481 %98.58886241710722955
315I'd Tap That14767 %1069986897311503238
42Get 'Em From Beh14767 %86726489558702404
51Meetings Are Stu13862 %65769523839042587
643 Yes 2 No12957 %1009456506910753029
711Don't Just Count On Curtis12957 %988806027010282757
85Nope Not Today12957 %908976167710873129
916The Incredibowls111052 %78853589019712691
107Max's Madames111052 %70664450357962122
1114Sparkly Balls111052 %83675463557772139
1222Gutter Butter91243 %81698480448232286
1310Sabaya91243 %79738499808602418
1418Pinned Down91243 %84689466447672186
1520B.F.D.?91243 %69715503608772502
1612Social Gutterflies91243 %59609405887132017
1717Gogogadgetboobs71433 %818385895110252923
1821We Bowl, She Drink71433 %67.5718504838782392
1919Spare Me71433 %79555371756951851
2013Ursula's Playthi71433 %66681464348232225
218Glory Bowls71433 %60656430607962162
229Adult Emporium #51624 %72668458677472101
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