League Standings High Rollers Summer '18

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high-rollers-summer-18: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 16
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
111Don't Just Count On Curtis311174 %758834199610282757
243 Yes 2 No271564 %779464517510753029
315I'd Tap That261662 %729984787111503238
42Get 'Em From Beh261662 %63719337568592404
56Adult Emporium 225.516.561 %57.58844295510682931
621We Bowl, She Drink25.516.561 %48.5715346388782392
73Growlerz241857 %59742344498142272
810Sabaya231955 %49732341818272418
919Spare Me231955 %61552264186951851
105Nope Not Today222052 %648954249410212795
1118Pinned Down222052 %56686324827672186
1216The Incredibowls212150 %53852410029232691
137Max's Madames212150 %54656309807502077
1417Gogogadgetboobs182443 %538294115710252923
1520B.F.D.?182443 %46737352798772502
1613Ursula's Playthi172540 %57682324158232225
1722Gutter Butter162638 %55699335128232286
1814Sparkly Balls162638 %59673322037772139
1912Social Gutterflies162638 %37601281476741952
209Adult Emporium #152736 %50663316297472099
211Meetings Are Stu152736 %41774353708792481
228Glory Bowls103224 %41649290327562070
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