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League ID: 62598

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Homefield Bowl Inc.
938 Saw Mill River Road
YonkersNY 10710


Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Blended Family
1Raguso, KimW53294459153192518
2Schofield, KenM55334989151287558
3Cheng, JamesM53355330153203550
4Marcus, KeithM28183295185221618
Team 2: Minds In Da Gutt
1Eugenio, BethW58395763147196486
2Calvello, FredM47335318161200532
3Jones, CurtisM49304748158212518
4Tillis, JasonM791902211265686
Team 3: Stella
1Postrigan, NataliaW75273418126160426
2Grant, RonM44335464165234551
3Hauck, WalterM49304758158214554
Team 4: X's & Oh No!
1McMullen, VictoriaW9836351497138367
2Bobroff, MarkM65395376138199483
3McMullen, ChristinaW51335158156217547
4Hurditt, PaulM3961031171188534
Team 5: Gak
1Raguso, AnnW85303350113144395
2Kinsey, KendoM39396368171203560
4Small, GarthM36335744174253595
Team 6: Walang Katapat
1Beltran, NitaW53395974153189532
2Dumlao, Cesar(LH)M51396109156198549
3Randeen, RyanM52304674155202558
Team 7: Team 7
1Claudio, JimmyM48396239159215536
2Laird, MichaelaW80364291119161397
3Golden, DennisM25397340188299634
Team 8: 8
1Diamsay, CrisM47365807161208507
2Somodio, RomeoM46243909162202539
3Leorico, LeoM35396891176246624
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