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Hollywood Bowl, The Point
Skimpedhill Lan, Bracknell
Berkshire RG31 1EN
01344 867700

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Lane Hogs
1Rance, AndyM65303860128174436
2Darker, AllenM65121539128162424
3Shoesmith, BobM52243495145194524
4Jones, JustinM51273965146213489
5Linwood, JulieW64182336129168461
6Hall, SueW64303929130194436
Team 2: Royals
1Farrington, KeithM59334504136182460
2Scott, RoryM41335231158198527
3Clarke, NickM39335319161198516
4Yates, PaulM56273779139175481
5Bullock, PaulM47182724151199521
Team 3: The Rogues
1Prout, JamesM60212836135172433
2Reader, SheilaW49487113148194488
3Yong, JeffM64486250130186480
4Pyman, MattM48243592149208532
Team 4: The Optimists
1Stoye, PeterM50456646147193509
2Husband, RogerM37487864163204561
3Owens, GeraintM52456559145214546
4Caster, SamM523433144147433
Team 5: Strike It Lucky
1Sharman, PamW65212699128164463
2Bowland, PaulM48365424150224497
3Austin, ChrisM51334825146196518
4Codd, MikeM62303966132165461
5Lam, MarkM576797138161417
6Wakefield, AdyM57162216138163449
Team 6: Splitz Happen
1Purvis, SamM60334464135183469
2Burlow, BeckyW72273090114165380
3Burlow, MikeM56365038139188498
4Stevens, KenM726782109158431
5Burlow, JoW61334407133184428
6Powell, SteveM723386109148386
7Burlow, HarryM000000
8Smithfield, DaveM000000
Team 7: Hit & Miss
1Jones, LeeM27335840176234602
2Stead, SteveM44152332155197524
3Gates, PeterM60425664134174465
4Gates, HelenW54152133142213473
5Griggs, BarryM43243758156195533
Team 8: Gutter Snipes
1Corsini, MichealM67364544126153416
2Kersley, MelM51273948146187507
3Moles, BernieM72333620109156387
4Clarke, DavidM72242788116155403
5Corsini, AnnetteW7264176984222
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